This is the decade of social media. From entertainment to business, you can do everything on social media. But makes social media so powerful and popular. The answer is content and posts on social media. So you can say that content and post on social media is the main factor behind its power and popularity.

Content Creating Idea

“With the growing popularity of Instagram, it’s important not only to have an attractive bio but to have a meaningful bio which truly represents you,” says Navneet Kaushal, CEO of PageTraffic SEO Company.

Everyone wants to earn name and fame with social media, and there is nothing wrong with it. Most people fail just because they are unable to post great content on social media. If you are looking for some best tips to create top-class content for social media, then you are at the right place. This article will help you create great content for social media.

Top 7 Tips For Creating Content For Social Media

Here we have included 7 tips plus one bonus tip to make you perfect in creating outstanding content for your social media handles. These tips will surely help you to fulfill your dreams.

Use Graphics and Videos Instead Image and Core Text

The first tip that you should follow every time to create great content for social media. Today in the era of high-speed internet, users wanted video or graphical content rather than text or images. Text or images are outdated styles to attract users. You can also use different image background to attract the users

Short And Straight Forward

Try to make your posts simple, short, and straightforward. The reader should know about the whole topic in very few words from your posts. It will make him gain knowledge in very few words, due to which he will see your content regularly to get exactly what he wants.

Organize polls and contests regularly

To make great content, you should hold your audience. Polls and contests are the best way to keep your audience always in touch with your posts. Also, these will let you know about your audience’s interests.

Make Unique Content

Doesn’t matter which topic or subject you choose for your content, but make sure that your content should be 100% unique. It is among the basic tips to create great content. Once you create unique content, your posts become engaging and attractive automatically.

Spread Positivity

Even your post has something negative, try to make it positive. Positive content may take time to reach the audience, but for long-term engagement, it is best. Spreading positivity through your posts can make you a social media influencer. So always make a way for positivity in your content.

Talk More About Audience and General Public

This is an important tip for everyone who wants to create great content for social media or any platform. Always talk more about your audience or the general public in your posts. In simple words, follow a public-centric approach in your content. The idea behind this is users can correlate themselves with the content.

Follow The Trends

It is a well-known fact that to survive you have to update yourself with the modern world. Similarly, to make your content engaging, you should follow the trends. This will make your audience always active reading your posts and content. Also, they will show interest in your posts and wait for your upcoming ones.

One bonus and most important tip: Always share true information from a verified source and never write content without facts so that the audience will trust your content. Once this trust is developed you and your content will become popular.


The above-listed tips are recommended by some top experts in social media. Even if you are a beginner and you have just started posting on social media, these tips will help you grow rapidly in the vast world of social media. Just follow each tip seriously, you will surely engage a sufficient audience through your content.

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