Do you ever feel unsafe at the time of cleaning of your glass window? Or feels impossible to reach the outside of the window to clean the dust? Not anymore. The Cop Rose Smart Rose Window Cleaner is the solution for the all the questions.It makes easy to reach all the tall building windows. In this article we will also cover the specifications, features, best prices of this window cleaner. Let’s see what the special about the product is.

Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner Review

Inside the box

Inside the box, it is supplied with –

  • The Cop Rose Smart Rose Window Cleaner itself
  • One charging adapter
  • One charging cord
  • One remote
  • Cleaning clothes.
  • Extension safety rope
  • Manuals
  • Cleaning Loop

Physical Overview

Physical Overview of ROBOT X5

The device is very portable and easy to use and carry anywhere. The product weights about 1.5 kg nearly. The size of the product is 11.42 X 5.59 X 4.53 Inch. The length of the extension cord is 4m and the power cord is 1.5m. The remote can operate up to 15m of distance which is great for using a 5 story building.The device has a power button, charging port.

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The device has a power button, charging port, and a LCD display to show the battery percentage. At the bottom there are two rotating cleaner with clothes over it to clean the window. The remote is used to direct the device at the proper direction. The remote is powered up by 1X button battery. At the side, there is a hole to fit the security rope for safety of the device at the time of operation and hold it against any uncertain fall.

Operation Instructions

opertion instruction of Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

The Cop Rose Smart Rose Window Cleaner is used to clean the windows. It can be used with android apps or microcomputer also beside the remote. After connecting the power cord, window cleaner solutions should be applied over the cloth at the bottom. Then the power button should be pressed to turn the motor on. When it starts, put it on the window and control its direction by remote. Tie one end of the security rope of some fixed support to protect the device from fall.

How it works

The device motor at the bottom works as vacuum and absorbs the dust particles from the window and ventilates it through the hole at its body. The suction and strong motor helps it to remain straight on the glass vertical surface.

Features of Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Features of Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner
Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner can be used for any surface

Let us look at some salient features of the device –

  • This device can be used to clean any surface along with window glass.
  • It provides a nice cleaning result with fast and efficient cleaning route.
  • Provide multi-connection to use the device like micro-computer as well as android app to connect with Bluetooth.
  • Any vertical surface can be cleaned with this product either it may be mirror or painted surface.

Advantages & Disadvantages


Certain advantages make this device unique –

  • This device omits the risk being involved in cleaning the outside of the window at elevation.
  • The motor is much strong to hold is right on any vertical and smooth surface.
  • The design is very compact and portable to clan all type of surfaces.
  • Control of the device is very easy with multi way connection.


As any other device, it also has some cons to deal with. Those are

  • The device is not cordless although it looks like from the first impression.
  • The motor is very noisy.
  • It only good for light cleaning. Not good for scrubbing and deep clean.


This device is great for home owners and building owners who find its hard to reach the outer part of the window. Performance of this Cop Rose Smart Rose Window Cleaner is quite impressive although there are several areas to improve for this product. Overall, this is a great product if you are looking for a window cleaner for maintenance but not something if you want to clean a dirty window with deep wash.

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