Essay writing services are scattered on the online market but how to choose the best? Hopefully my experience can help you get the best. A few months ago, I was faced with an unpleasant situation where I had to make an essay on a topic related to the influence of planting oil palm forests in Southeast Asia on global warming. To be honest I had some good sources of information but I was not experienced (at that time) in writing essays and for me, the essay was a monster that disturbed my nights. To note, I had a bad experience with an essay and suddenly I was required to make an essay that had a big influence on my graduation.

I then, as you can guess, contacted some essay writing services that I found with the help of Google. And after considering several things, especially the cost of course, I chose one of them. At first, I was directed to customer service and I began to say what should be included in my essay. I was promised to get my essay in less than a week and on the 6th day, I got it.
I, without first checking in detail, immediately sent the essay to my lecturer and unexpectedly, in the morning two days later I was called to the lecturer’s office and he asked me some serious questions.

One of the questions he asked was whether I had made plagiarism. At that time I was really surprised, not expecting that the essay that I bought was a copy of several other essays that were improvised into an essay.

I complained and ended up disappointed because they did not want to take responsibility. They even blamed me for making strange arguments; one of them was that some plagiarism acts are understandable and I shouldn’t mind that. If that’s not enough, after I investigated for a while, they turned out to use a fictitious address and their website even became inactive for about a month after I complained.

I was really deceived and from that moment on I became very skeptical of the various offers of online writing services until I found Coolessay!

Located at Coolessay. net, this essay writing service was recommended by many of my college friends. I then ventured to try once again, contacting Coolessay to solve all the problems related to my essay. As usual I was directed to the customer service section and someone started asking me about what I needed. I then explained from A to Z about what I needed and he began to take notes. He replied that my essay would be finished in a few days and exactly 4 days after I ordered, I received my essay. I did not want to be fooled again and after checking for about 2 hours, I concluded that they had really satisfied me!

From my experience with Coolessay, I can conclude that there are a number of points that must be considered before you actually make your choice on an essay writing service. They are as follows:

– Ensure that the service has been operating for at least 3 years. The longer a service operates, the smaller your risk of being fooled because some fictitious services often change site addresses after stealing quite a lot from their clients.

– Make sure they provide customer service that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You don’t know when you really need your essay!

– Make sure they have a sub-menu of pricing. That way you can find out a rough estimate of what you should pay. Remember that price is not the only important consideration. What’s important is finding the balance between the price and quality that you expect.
– Make sure they provide moneyback option. There is always a possibility you receive your essay and you feel that it is really useless. With the moneyback option you will feel a little safe at least.
– Seek as much information as possible, especially original testimonies about the service. That way you will get an overview of the reputation of the service in question.
Hopefully this experience can be useful for you. Make your essay a learning not a threat!