Stremio is a top-line media streaming service like Kodi, which recently gained a lot of popularity. Compared with other such apps, Stremio comes with a very easy to use interface and streaming is also made more comfortable for the users. This platform also lets users view free movies, live TV, series, YouTube videos, etc. If you aren’t started using it, this can be one experience that will turn your internet viewing experience upside down.

Similar to Kodi, Stremio also works on add-ons to ensure access to a myriad of content. These add-ons are connected to media servers at all places. But unlike how it works at Kodi, Stremio files doesn’t take your device storage space. The add-ons are also so simple to install compared to Kodi. Further, we will discuss some top choices to make in Stremio add-ons.

Best Stremio Add-OnsBest 

  1. The Pirate Bay

This add-on gives you easy access to content through the popular torrenting site of the same name. You can stream torrent content live, and there is no need to download it to your device. The add-on has an inexhaustive collection of movies and TV shows etc. There are two variants of The Pirate Bay available as ThePirateBay+ and The PirateBay.

  1. RARBG

RARBG is a popular Stremio add-on featuring a large bunch of content as movies, music, TV shows, and videos. This add-on also helps to pull down content from various torrent servers with a streaming quality of up to 1080p SD. You may also find many 4K streams on it.

Best 3 Popcorn Time VPN

Popcorn Time is one of the top entertainment services, which is also called as Pirates’ Netflix. However, safe usage of Popcorn is a primary concern to the users, and use of a good VPN can help you out with this. Let’s explore some top options in VPNs for Popcorn Time.

NordVPN – It has about 5000 servers in about 60 countries and allows users to access content through many IPs.

CyberGhost – It is different from the NordVPN and offer s a bunch of servers for secured and user-friendly access to Popcorn Times. It is more reliable than other VPNs and helps users to do safe and anonymous torrenting.

Surfshark – It allows Popcorn Time at all servers and provides it the cheapest to the users. You can do P2P torrenting through all the servers of Surfshark, which doesn’t keep any user logs. The location of the VPN is the British Virgin Islands. However, Surfshark is not stable as CyberGhost and NordVPN free VPN for popcorn time as it has some issues running on the Windows 8.1 version.

To install Stremio add-ons, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Stremio app and then sign into the Stremio account.
  • Go to the menu and scroll down to choose Add-ons in the dropdown.
  • You can see two menus at the top chosen by default.
  • By accessing this menu, you can filter down the add-ons further by Movies, Channels, Series, Others, etc.
  • Once you have chosen the appropriate category, just press the back button, and then access the ‘Official’ menu. 

As Stremio has official and unofficial add-ons, you can choose either official Stremio add-on or navigate to the third-party community add-ons.