Pandemic-like situations have made us realize the importance of video meeting apps. There are tons of apps that come to the rescue. DingTalk is also one of those apps that helped us conduct smooth meetings.

This enterprise communication and collaboration platform include various features such as enabling text, sharing photos, voice, video communication, etc.

You need to get DingTalk download for its excellency in workflow management and collaboration among team members and firms of various sizes.

However, if DingTalk is not available in your country or area, you may look for its alternatives. There are a plethora of DingTalk alternatives in the market. Here in this article, we have listed the top 5 Free communication apps like DingTalk.

1. Zoom

zoom app

If we have to name one app for all the requirements, such as meetings, phone, and chat, it would be the Zoom Cloud Meetings. The app has seen a steep rise in popularity in recent times. Also, the reason behind its popularity is nothing but its unique features. The main requirements of users for any video calling app are fantastic video and audio quality, and Zoom has fulfilled it smoothly. Apart from that, the app consists of uncountable features that would blow your mind.

2. Skype

When there was no video communication app, Skype ruled over the years. It was the first choice of many organizations due to its capability of making HD video calls. Apart from that, its Smart messaging service has won millions of hearts.However, the core functionality that has kept the app relevant over time is the robust Skype VoIP platform, which allows users to make free or low-cost voice and video calls worldwide. This has made Skype a preferred choice for individuals and businesses who rely on the platform for international communication and collaboration. Skype has introduced a new thing lately: its sharing feature where one can easily share photos and videos without compromising on quality. To keep it trendy for gen z, they have added a new feature called Express Yourself, where all you need to do is click on the ‘+’ in chat to send a Giphy or images from the web.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

The communication and collaboration app that became famous in education organizations due to its adaptive nature is none other than Microsoft Teams. It is considered a reliable app for a meeting, chatting, and collaboration. The app allows you to connect with anyone on video meetings and calls without disruptions. Apart from that, you can create your family or workgroup, get things done, and bring plans to life. Not just that, netizens loved their feature where one can see all shared files, tasks, and events in one view.

4. Slack

One of the best professional video communication apps is none other than Slack. It is considered the ideal app to bring people and information together so one can get work done. The app also allows you to see everything related to a project or topic in its dedicated channel. Not just that, with Slack, you can easily keep track of progress and relevant conversations. Whether you want to set your status to share your availability with teammates or take and make calls on the go, Slack is perfect in every aspect.

5. JioChat

The revolutionary firm has come up with tons of new apps, and one of those is JioChat. It is one of the easy-to-use and data-saving apps in the market. This app would be a cakewalk for anyone to video call their friends or family on JioPhone. Apart from that, the app is famous for its Simpler, Faster, and Better functionalities.


Every app has its own identity and strength. It would be helpful to keep two or more video communication apps in your app gallery.

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