Mac OS is one of the best-operating systems for laptops. It has secured features and incomparable Desktop Environment which makes it easier for you to work. However, it’s quite frustrating to manage multiple similar files on a Mac computer. In fact, users have particularly complained that finding files in a Mac operating system is one of the most challenging tasks they ever face. So to make things easy, Commander One software has been manufactured by Eltima. Talking factually about Commander One, it is often referred as Finder replacement software. The basic workability of the Commander One is to manage dual pane window and toolbars so that you can have a quick view of several files at a single go. The quick look search feature lets you instantly view the hidden files. Not only this, the software is also suitable for file compression and achieving them for convenient file transfer protocol.

Commander One supports operability of more than two folders at a time. Also, it has a pattern of hotkeys for executing basic functions of deleting, copying, moving and pasting. You can a lot your favorite hotkeys and make things more operable.

Features of Commander One

The well-designed file manager makes it easier for you to explore things in Mac Operating System. The ability to manage hex data, binary data and view files makes it a flawless option to have installed on your laptop. Also, there are built-in SFTP and FTP clients for getting connected with remote services. So let’s see the key features:

  •    Dual panel File Manager lets you access multiple contents on a single screen divided into two parts
  •    Different tabs for independent settings
  •    Renaming of files while they are being shifted from one folder to another makes it easier for the user to remember the located file
  •    Different packs for more capabilities and requirements
  •    PRO Pack: The price for PRO Pack version is $29.99 whereas the basic software comes for FREE. The PRO Pack version integrates features like Dropbox and other clouds, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and robust compression ability. It is also useful in handling the compressed files for handling more goodies and themes in a better way. One of the key features of the software is the user-friendly design it has. The user-friendliness can be viewed in both basic and PRO Pack of the application.

How to use Commander One?

Commander One file manager particularly works on Swift programming language thereby serving as an alternate option to Finder. Your primary window gets divided into two parts so that you can view multiple locations at a single glimpse. Just like the most popular file managers for Mac, Commander One comes with several free versions that let you preview and operate files in a different way. You can also rename and move files during the search process. The paid version of the software adds considerable features in the search process. For instance, you can integrate color themes and make the Searching process more precise.

The global functionality of deleting, moving, editing and copying are displayed across the window. Moreover, you can view the windows in a thumbnail grid, list and column form.

The application showcases every possible user interface option so that nothing escapes from your eyes. Also, the contents of one window pane never collapse with the other pane so that you can open up multiple options at a time without getting confused.

Final words

The main idea of Commander One is to provide advanced file management capabilities. It is expected to give a better navigability and features in the future updates. Also, the paid versions of the application are priced very genuinely. So if you wish to enhance the functionality of your Mac or MacBook, go for the paid versions without depending on anything else.