Artistic and ethereal. Likewise wedding photos with smoke and color effects. Find out how to achieve fantastic shots that are regulating this trend. Learn what it is, how they are used and where to get a colored smoke torch.

Do you want a unique touch for your wedding photos? Prepare a session full of smoke and color. Maybe this trend will obscure the details of the bridal gown and groom’s clothes and obscure the engagement ring, but that will enable them to create a life-filled atmosphere. Go document about the smoke torch because, after seeing the results, they can’t wait to ask the wedding photographer to include them in their session.

How Does The Smoke Bomb Photography Work?

Torches, bombs, or colored flares are used to give artistic effects to wedding photos. Although generally used in exclusive sessions with brides (pre-wedding, formal and trash dresses), their use when splitting fondant cakes for weddings or as receptions for brides has also become popular. With their colors and textures, they can provide the illusion of attracting or simulating their photos that they have approached the clouds.

The operation is quite simple. Chemical mixtures, usually containing potassium nitrate and sugar, are poured into cylinders or special containers. Yes, sugar is like candy on a wedding candy table. These materials produce a slow reaction so that smoke will appear for a longer period of time.

For this mixture added coloring so that the smoke that will produce a chemical reaction will be colored and high density. Color smoke can only be obtained with chemicals, so this smoke is artificial and completely unique.

How long does colored smoke last?

Fire smoke lasts an average of one minute. Depending on the size, some models last between 30 and 40 seconds, while others only last 25. Smaller torches only smoke for 15 seconds. But, since flares have become very useful in photo sessions, some stores offer models of up to four minutes.

Smoke can take five to 20 minutes to fully dissolve, depending on the humidity of the environment. However, if you are going to use it in your photos, you have to buy a large number of flares, to make sure they can cover the entire session or, at least, a sufficient number of shots. Your photographer will be indicated to tell you how much you will need. Make sure he use the best mirrorless camera.

Color torch

While the chemical components of flares vary very little between models, their presentations may be different and they must be known to get security measures.

For starters, some flares can be considered fireworks and others do not. Exploding beams are regulated by the authorities and little is used in photography sessions.

On the other hand, flares for marriage have different activation mechanisms. Some have the ignition axis and others are activated when removing the paper wrap. There is also a metal flare, similar to sparkling birthday candles.

In most cases, flares are activated by lighter fires. Some, such as metal or paper, can only be held by the hand very carefully for a few seconds. Others have special plastic handles that are less hot and hold better. There are also models that can stick to the floor.

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