It is an application that is basically for macOS and is developed by Eltima Software, released on July 12, 2016. It can be enabled in the mounting of accounts in cloud storage services and the mac machines file servers as if they are removable drives. 

The contents could be accessed by Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. 

Here in CloudMounter, each supported service is assigned to a button. The mount service is straightforward to access. A user needs to choose the corresponding service and needs to enter the login details. After that, by clicking on the mount button, your file will be displayed in the Mac Finder. CloudMounter is one such app that does not work in synchronization, so it does not occupy a large space in your hard drive.

CloudMounter allows a 15 days free trial to test the actual full version in terms of the software. It is very much secured to use as it does not store any login details and helps remember your passwords by keeping them in the macOS keychain. They need to send to the servers the preferred password when they need it. That’s all they need to opt for when it comes to CloudMounter.

It is a perfect blend of simplicity and perfection in one application as it blends with a model in every sense possible.

CloudMounter is one of the mounting applications which is a must-have in your mobile, PC, or laptop as it can efficiently conserve your files without occupying the larger than life space.

What Exactly Does CloudMounter Do?

It allows you to map the cloud storage drives in the local industries, and for most of the people, due to the space problem in their respective PC and Laptop becomes extremely important for you to access the cloud storage files.

It helps you to ease out with your cloud storage in every way possible. It retailed out for 29.99$ plus vat, but you can get 14 days of trial as and when downloaded with the personal license after payment.

Features of CloudMounter:-

  • It can mount all the local disks without any preferred interruptions. 
  • It is a perfect app for those who have low storage laptops or packed hard drives. They can go for CloudMounter.
  • It takes care of your storage so it does not synchronize on its own by thinking that you need to work on other applications and storage as well in that sense.
  • The files are now streamlined for you to provide a quick way to access your files as you own them on a local disk.
  • One can have access to multiple accounts from one place with setup logins and authorizations for each cloud as a storage provider.
  • They give a secured cloud data decryption key with a standard encryption protocol and provide the files with’ reliable security.
  • It can give helpful status updates for your files by glancing at them.
  • CloudMounter comes with continuous improvements with a future that is proven with constant updates and new features.
  • It has a facility to move the files straight from the finder to the monitor in progress.


  • CloudMounter will act as a thumb drive as and when connected to your MAC.
  • It is in best use for laptops and devices that are hard-packed for the hard drive.
  • It can resolve the storage issue incredibly within minutes from 6 months now.
  • CloudMounter can be your actual lifesaver as it can saver, so you can go for it if you have macOS.


  • The only thing that is missing in CloudMounter is integrations.
  • The multiple accounts accessing is only available for paid customers.

It replaces all individual cloud storage clients, so it becomes easy for us to access our macOS.

The supported cloud services are described fully below:-

  • Dropbox client: – You can mount your own Dropbox IOS accounts without installing them on your phone.
  • One drive: – Your drive storage will always remain with you as cloud files will forever remain in your pocket.
  • Google Drive: – One can manage your Google drive account on IOS devices and get fast access to Google docs and Google sheets from IPad or iPhone.
  • Mount Amazon S3: – Amazon S3  file manager is a task to manage, but all thanks to CloudMounter, it is now possible to do it very quickly.

The above-mentioned things are valid points that need to be taken an overlook before we could derive any solution for anything.


CloudMounter for an IOS handler is not more than a boon that one can get at such an affordable price. It is a boon for many people. It is supported with free dual-panel support. In short, it is a simple application in many ways that is one of the reasons for being in love so much.

It is one of the most recommended applications for looking for a simple and efficient solution.

Cloud storage encryption can efficiently submerge your data and store it with confidentiality, which is actually in your need with the advantages of standardizing and minimizing possible risks.

It is an effectively built-in finder with an effective integration that is user friendly and effective for any user.

The application always remains up to date due to the ambitious developer’s team, which is never satisfied, can already have achieved with the improving and expanding capabilities of our products.

An application that is a solution to all your problems can recover all your storage problems within a few seconds. It encrypts the files with the finder can go beyond sufficient expectations.

An application that has an ease that everyone desires and is a must-have in every IOS device.

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