Be it smartphones, laptops, electronic gadgets or intelligent devices, there are many Chinese manufacturers to make and market them. The sheer number of companies vying for a place in the Chinese market makes it hard to keep track of the devices being announced and put up for sale. But there are some companies that stand out and make headlines for all the good reasons and again, a lot of electronic manufacturers, both giants and start-ups, make it to the list. One such company is the hybrid notebook and laptop manufacturer Chuwi. Chuwi saw tremendous success with its Hi10 and Lapbook 15.6 last year and now it is back to take the success crown with its new flagship Lapbook 12.3 which was displayed at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics along with several other devices.

CHUWI Tablet

The first thing about the Lapbook 12.3  that captures our attention is the sleek design which will be one among the best in the 13-inch screen size category. Its dimensions of 300*223*16.7mm prove the point. This one of a kind beauty has a dock made of silver coloured aluminium. The black keys look quite contrasting and add to the look of the Lapbook. Like its predecessors, it sports an aero design with a relatively thick centre and thin edges. Unlike devices that have a full HD screen, the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 will have a 2K display with a 12.3-inch IPS screen which is sure to spurt out vivid colours as in real life.

chuwi Tablets

Under its hood, the Lapbook 12.3 will have an Intel Apollo lake N3450, 2.2GHz processor. The Quad-core N3450 is expected to manage multi-tasking efficiently while the Intel HD graphics 500 with a frequency of 700MHz will manage graphics considerably well. But top-notch gamers won’t be completely satisfied with the performance. It includes all other features expected of a Laptop like Dual Band WiFi, Intel 3165 built-in Bluetooth sensor and an OCH177 magnetic sensor. It is powered by a huge 36.48Wh battery that is also physically large. So, the advantage of Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 itself is a disadvantage. Also, it is not confirmed as to whether the Lapbook 12.3 will run on Windows or Ubuntu which is quite significant as users have differing views on the two OS. Nevertheless, the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 is one good device with great hardware, good software and the best design. If you are planning to buy one, save your money as it is expected to cost around $420.

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