Https is used for the safe and secure communication over the internet. In the early stage, this protocol was only used by some selected payment and transactions related websites. However in the recent time there was a substanitial growth in the internet users all over the world. A number of websites are building and many of them ask for the login information of the user . So encryptions become a major issue. So in this regard http over SSL or in short  https is a big help.

HTTPS connection plays a major role in the page authenticity, identity, and encryption. if you ever check that all the renowned websites are using only htttps protocol.

All major sites are using https protocol
All major sites are using https protocol

Google chrome also working toward this from the many. Being a leader browser in the world they have decided to take a big step toward this. It is being said  by the chrome that with the new release of their chrome 56 version their new version Chrome-56 They will label this all the http websites as insecure and unencrypted with a red sign.

So now it is up to user that whether they still want to use these unencrypted sites.

It is not like that, chrome didn’t take a step for increasing the proper and safe communication between websites and associated web server in the past. Google chrome was using a “neutral indicator” for the insecure http sites.

Photos of the ‘neutral indicator’ with http browser

But with the latest version of Chrome 56 (Launching in January) it will show a new warning to that the page which is still using http connection for its website.

A small window in the address bar will show “not secure” in red sign.

As explained by Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Team that “loading site via HTTP is very much prone to potential attacks”. If you are providing your login information or some payment related details over http connection. Then you are more likely to be hacked. So on the otherhand if you are using htttps (also called HTTP over SSL) connection, your communication will be secure.