In running a website and make your business from it is not an easy task. To keep your website data secure and safe you need to buy the best hosting from the hosting providing company. The market is flooded with the hosting companies and all of them are promising that there hosting is best. So, here we have summed up the quick difference between the shared and dedicated hosting.

If you do not have much budget to spend upon hosting your website, probably choosing a shared hosting would resolve the matter. However, if you need enhanced security level and stability, you need to seriously choose dedicated server hosting as the best option. But important is what’s the difference between these hosting type.

Difference Between Dedicated And Shared Server Hosting

A dedicated server basically means hosting a plan which is only meant for your website. In case of shared server hosting, the only matter of concern is bandwidth and disk space being allotted to the user. You are expected to pay a particular charge for exceeding the allotted amount of services.

Choosing something between dedicated and shared hosting create a lot of dilemma amongst individuals and organizations. They have their own pros and cons that need to be clarified for making an informed decision and establishing your business.

Major Difference Between Dedicated and Shared Hosting

  • Website IP Tracking

Shared servers introduce a huge risk on your website. Exceptionally, if someone else is practicing illegal and discouraging practices, Google can right away ban all the websites being hosted on a particular server. This can immediately include your website as well.

The dedicated server never gets you blacklisted until and unless you yourself are involved in a legal and unethical online practice. Because of the dedicated server hosting have the dedicated IP address for your site. So until you, yourself is not involved in something illegal activity Google will not harm your site.

  • Control Level

Shared hosting is a good choice if your company does not has a separate team for managing the technical task. However, when you need to analyze the server security and more intricate matters, shared hosting make things worse. You will not get the root access of the hosting and the hosting is also shared with others as well so if you change something another website also see the changes.

Besides the requirement of basic management, dedicated photo analyses the overall progress of your website. You can even customize things by adding up scripts and applications for perfectly meeting up your operational requirements.

  • Websites Hosted On The Server

With the help of shared server hosting package, organizations can get a personal website on a server that simultaneously hosts the website of other organizations. On the other hand, when we talk about dedicated hosting plan, it means that the organization is hosting on a particular server that is totally dedicated to them. No other organization can share that server to host their website.

  • Disk Space And Bandwidth

In case of shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth has a limit. You are not allowed to use unlimited bandwidth or disk space as you will be penalized for the same. Websites hosted on shared service face a big problem when traffic is more. They have to keep a limited traffic in order to make sure that bandwidth and disk space utilization does not exceed.

Talking about the dedicated hosting, you are free to use any amount of disk space and bandwidth as the server totally belongs to you. There is no issue of sharing your server and requirement to Limit your traffic. You can also set the limit of space or if you need more space then it will be pre-paid by you. So, changing in space and bandwidth is very flexible in Dedicate hosting.

  • Response Time and Server Workability

Unexpected enhancement of web traffic can drain the resources of a server and slow down the overall response time. This can frustrate your customers and impose a negative image about your website.

Dedicated server does not slows down the response time with increasing traffic. It can easily manage such scenarios. In fact, your server will be highly responsive whenever requirement of extra bandwidth arises.

  • Security Parameters

When we talk about Shared hosting plans, you have to choose cyber security applications and firewalls to encounter any random security breach. Dedicated experts are hired for analyzing the operating environment and keeping the website data secured.

On the other hand, dedicated servers mitigate and detect the threats on their own. Configuring the potential threats are automatically initiated by the dedicated it service. Organisations have lowered the chances of encountering spyware, virus, Malware and misconfigured security.

  • Upkeep cost

In case of shared hosting, you need to pay the divided cost. Several users together host their websites on a single server. This makes things more affordable and perfect for organizations and small businesses. website having Limited traffic and earnings have the best choice to use shared hosting servers.

Dedicated servers are the best for the other organizations having unlimited traffic and profit. There is a single server which provides better operational flexibility but increases the cost manifold.

  • Technical skill

In the case of shared server hosting, your organization does not need specialized staff for the technical maintenance and administration. All the task is undertaken by the individual who owns the server. It makes things more simplified and does not impose the responsibility to manage things.

On the other hand, the dedicated server needs Webmaster skills and constant IT operations for the best of outcomes. It is quite apprehensive for the organizations to manage the technical and monetary constraints in case of dedicated server. The fully managed dedicated server hosting is quite difficult to understand and can impose a lot of burden on your IT department.