With the advent of the different advanced gadgets in the market, the users have become dependent on the use of several kinds of electronic gadgets in leading their daily life. Even the mode of nightlight has also become automated and wireless with the introduction of the Wireless Charger Nightlight Dimmable Tap Control Multicolor LED Atmosphere Lamp by Choetech.

The Choetech brand has introduced this Wireless Nightlight LED Atmosphere Lamp with certain unique features that need to be discussed further in this article. Along with the wireless light, we would also discuss the supported charging pad and the USB wall charger of the nightlight.

What is Wireless Charging Nightlight?

Wireless Charger Nightlight
Wireless Charger Nightlight Lamp


This Wireless Charger Nightlight is atmosphere-friendly LED lamp that can be charged through a wireless charger. It has a portable and compact design with a 3.2-inch diameter that can be placed everywhere.

This LED Light is Qi-enabled and it has built-in 2200mAh capacity LiPo battery. It lasts the lighting for 10 hours in the brightest light and for 20 hours in the weakest light after a full charge.

The innovative design of the LED nightlight creates wireless convenience.

How to Use CHOETECH Wireless Charging Nightlight?

To use the CHOETECH Wireless Charging Nightlight, you first need a charging pad along with the adaptor. This wireless charging pad is not so costly( $13.99 only), it is also available at the official CHOETECH website.

This charging pad is QI Certified with the power capacity of 7.5W, you can also use this wireless pad for your other wireless devices like smartphones & smartwatches.

So to use the charging light follow the steps.

Step 1: First connect the USB cable into the wireless charging pad and plug into the power. If you don’t have an adaptor, you can also buy it from the website. You can also use your smartphones fast charging adaptor for this.

Connecting wireless charging the light with the charging pad

Step 2: Now Place the wireless charging light on to the charging pad, as soon as you put this light the green led light will on which indicate your device is wirelessly connected!

Step 3: Now just double tap the top of the night light and as soon as the button is pressed, the light will turn on.

Double Tap the Night Lamp for Switch on!
Double Tap the Night Lamp for Switch on!

The users can tap the top of the night light and can also adjust the brightness, change colors and power on/off.   

What more you can do with this night light? 

There are also many other features in this wireless charging nightlight.

Brightness Adjustment

The product has dimmable brightness with stepless brightness adjustment. With this, the user can choose the most suitable brightness to satisfy their needs. You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp, to do this just continuously press the top of the power button on the night lamp.

As long as you press the button light intensity will increase or decrease accordingly.

Color Variation

This Choetech nightlight bears white, soft white, and soft yellow LED light source which can be used as decorative lighting for the living room, mood lighting for the bedroom or table lighting for the study room.

The colors can be changed by single tapping on the top of the night lamp.

Light Memory

CHOETECH charging light also consists of brightness setting memory which enables the users to set the brightness and color of the light and on restarting the light it resumes to the last set brightness and color.

Specifications of Wireless Charger Nightlight

The capacity of the output of wireless nightlight is 2W and the estimated time required for fully charging the light is 3 hours at 650mAh capacity. The estimated usage time of the wireless nightlight is 10 to 20 hours. The comprising quantity of LED is 5 White LED, 5 Soft White LED, and 5 Soft Yellow LED. In the case of the White Light, the capacity of the LED Lumens is 2500LM and the battery capacity is 2000mAh. As per the dimensions of the product, the height is 1.8 inch and the diameter is 3.2 inch.

Key Features of Fast Wireless Charger Pad

QI-enabled Wireless charging pad

This Charger Pad by Choetech can intelligently identify the charge models and it has the capacity of 5W standard wireless charge for all the QI-enabled phones. This wireless charging pad is ultra slim and compact with anti-slip rubber to keep it stays in place. Its indicators and compact build ensures simple as well as convenient charging. The case-friendly design of the wireless charger can identify the phone sensitively and support the phone case.

The QI wireless charger works with the QI enabled devices and the multi-protection system is present for all-around protection against over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature thus providing a safe change to protect the devices. The presence of non-disruptive LED indicator displays the charging status of the connected device. The presence of a rubberized base that is a non-slippery surface enables the phone to stay in the pad neatly and to deliver steady charge.

Features of the USB Travel Wall Charger

Its portable and lightweight feature with the global voltage compatibility (100V-240V) makes it ready for travel. It is a UL certified charger with more durable quality and multiple safety protection. The presence of certified safety protections prevents the connected device from overcharging, short-circuiting, or over-heating. The feature of wide compatibility supports in charging for all the devices like iPhone, iPad, and many more. It can charge the devices at up to 5V at 2.4A. It provides 18 months of warranty and lifetime technical support.

The multi-project feature with the UL certification protects the charging devices from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. The presence of built-in smart IC chip with smart charging technology can quickly identify the mobile devices and thus provide optimal charging efficiency at up to 5V at 2.4A.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking for to buy this CHOETECH Wireless Charging Nightlight, then visit its official website. Here you can get this night lamp at as low as $17.99.

The company also providing a combo offer, where you can get night lamp, charging pad & adaptor at the price of $37.99. With this offer, you can avail a discount of almost $10!!

Final words

Thus the above-discussed features and specifications of the Wireless Charger Nightlight LED Lamp prove it to be the advanced and unique form of atmosphere-friendly nightlight. It also proves to be highly beneficial and convenient for the user for regular use.

The wireless feature of the LED nightlight makes it portable and creates wireless convenience for the users. The product has collected huge positive reviews from the customers for its wide functionality and features.        


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