Nowadays people are spending so many dollars to purchase an ordinary electric bike, but what If I tell you that there is a way to curtail this heavy expense and still get the same product, yes, you heard me right. Today, we are going to tell you about a brand new product that will allow you to convert your very own bicycle into an electric bike that too at a very cheap price with the help of “UrbanX Electric Wheel”.

UrbanX Electric Wheel bycycleThe UrbanX wheel can be very useful in so many ways that I cannot describe here. It will replace your front wheel with a throttle machine or a pedal assist version (depending on your choice or selection) which will turn your ordinary pedal machine into a full throttle beast running at the speed of 15 mph, making your daily travel more comfortable and less time taking.

Currently, there are few other similar products like hoverboards, etc. Thanks to the power efficient motors and battery techs. Although UrbanX is certainly not the first one to introduce this technology which was done by Copenhagen Wheel’s and Rool’in’s both costing about $699 & $590 respectively, this product is a lot cheaper and as much efficient as others for customers coming at a price tag of $299 only.

The UrbanX wheel is different from Copenhagen in many ways where the main big difference is its easy installation, as it replaces the front wheel conveniently you will not have to worry about the numerous gear configurations hiking up the price tag like in Copenhagen’s wheel. UrbanX comes in 6 different sizes that are 26-inch, 27.5-inch, 29-inch, 650cc & 700 cc

The UrbanX will also offer a replaceable battery which is said to ease the servicing of materials. Embedding a battery into this device can be dangerous for users as a 240W motor causes a lot of heat. The installation process of this electronic wheel is also quite simple, you just have to swap the front wheel out from the cycle and then attach the throttle into the handle of your bike.

UrbanX electronic Cycle

As the UrbanX is available in most of the standard sizes you don’t even have to worry about fitting issues, it fits into all 100mm standard front spokes and there are many designs to opt from. There’s no need to worry about gear hub either due to its front wheel replacement scheme.

“This to be electronic bike offers a range of 30 miles with a top speed of 20 mph or 15 mph”.

The UrbanX is said to be launched in the June/July months respectively, which will result in a good turnaround for this sector because this is said to be the new generation of Electronic wheels. UrbanX’s main target audience is US while this company will be setting up service center in LA and Netherlands