Sometimes you can be restricted from accessing a web page. However, it is not a big deal if you know how to circumvent this problem. Proxies can come in handy when you need to regain access and achieve the goal of visiting the intended site. Yet choosing cheap proxies is not an option as due to their low-security level. These proxies might do more damage than benefit your business.

Before delving deep into cheap proxies and the issues they bring to the table, let’s define what a proxy is to get a clearer picture:

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a computer with a unique IP address and comes between a user and the internet when accessing a website. When you initiate a web request, it will go through the proxy first, where it receives the response from the webserver and delivers the requested web page data on using its IP address. Most

There are different types of proxies — some of which are residential and data center proxies.

What are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses owned by Internet Services Providers (ISP), which goes to homeowners. These proxies feature legitimate IP addresses and have an association with a physical location. In most cases, websites will see incoming traffic as if it was created by a regular user.

What are Data Center Proxies?

Data center proxies are used most commonly amongst the users. User traffic is routed through one large server that hosts hundreds of virtual addresses. Servers generally have incredible internet speeds allowing users to achieve their goals faster than with residential proxies. Unfortunately, speed comes at a price as data center proxies have similar IPs, making them more prone to detection and potential bans..

 The Risk of Using Cheap Proxies

To laymen, free proxies seem to come with a lot of benefits and very little downsides. But having such a perception could be your greatest undoing as this comes with many drawbacks as well. There are so many cheap or free proxies available on the internet, each providing a wide range of countries. In exchange, all they require from you is the address of the site you wish to connect to, and they will load it right away. However, in this case, you become a product.

The following reasons suffice to dissuade most users from using a cheap proxy:

Most Cheap Proxy Servers Don’t Come With HTTPS

A scan on some free proxy servers for security tests revealed that about 79% of them didn’t permit HTTPS connection. Regular HTTP connections come with significant security issues. Users should be careful while using them as some private data could be leaked to unintended parties.

When you lack HTTPS, your connection is not encrypted. Therefore, anybody monitoring your data, including your login information, will quickly see it as it travels via the network. If your project requires privacy, a cheap or free proxy is not advised.

The Malicious Malware issue

If you seek the cleanest option with no malware and viruses, a cheap proxy is not the solution as the risks of getting infected are significantly higher. These proxy services are cheap or free, therefore owners often attempt to find additional ways to acquire profit. This might cause them to infect you by accident. For instance, they will often display additional advertisements when displaying content which might contain malware or viruses.

The common downside here is that some malware creators leverage on advertisements for their programs, preying on the website with weak advertisement checks. This act is commonly known as malvertising.

If the owner does not take precautionary measures when showing ads, they may accidentally show ads laced with malware. Moreover, it may not even come to their notice, making these cheap or free proxies significantly more risky to use.

 Poor Service

If you decide to take the plunge with a cheap proxy, you may end up being frustrated with the low-quality service. These types of proxies usually operate on a snail speed as they are underfunded and most of these cheap, free proxies attempt to cut costs at every corner which will often mean slow connection speeds.Having a lot of users connected to the same machine all at once doesn’t help either.

The proponents of cheap proxies will say this is the most convenient way to get past country restrictions while on the internet. But is that true? Are the risks not something worth considering? Most of these low-quality proxy services bring in very few benefits, especially since premium proxy servers are not expensive and readily available at any moment. The benefits of premium proxy servers are numerous with nearly none of the drawbacks listed above.

The price tag on cheap proxies means the owner would want to make a profit off you and even your details. However, if you wish to have consistent security, pay the price, and avoid leaving your data in the open.