CES is one of the biggest technology events in the world and thousands of developers and several companies from across the globe attend this event. At CES, every year we expect brands to come up with new innovative ideas and products. In 2019, the CES offered a wide range of excellent and sophisticated products which have surely got the attention of the people.

food tech

Today, in this blog we are going to discuss some of those food techs and smart kitchen trends which have come up in this year’s CES. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Rotimatic by Zimplistic which comes with automatic roti making features for hassle-free rotis and paratha.

Smart Kitchen Platforms Emerge
The CES 2019 is one of the best we have seen until now where brands have really focused on smart kitchen platforms. Famous brands like Whirlpool have come with brilliant appliances like the Yummly 2.0 app that allows you to make brilliant recipes with the auto-cook features. It will surely help your kitchen to become smarter than before and open a wide range of utility options to the people. This clearly states the fact brands are moving beyond the horizon of simple connectivity and exclusive apps. With appliances being integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and seamless remote access like rotimatic roti maker, it tells us that in the future cooking and doing other things in the kitchen is going to be much smarter.

Voice Interfaces Everywhere
The use of voice interfaces has been one of the most notable innovations in CES 2019. From Alexa to Google Assistant, AI bots have been widely used in many of the products that we have seen at CES. Voice recognition devices and technologies have come a long way and it seems that companies are working hard to improve it even more. It was noticed that a lot of collaboration was done between brands in order to make voice recognition technology better. From now you will be able to activate your appliance and make it do certain things just by speaking to it, without any hassles whatsoever.

The boom in Digital Sensing.
Digital sensing is one of the most important technologies and innovations that can help to take the idea of the smart kitchen to a whole new level. A lot of companies at the CES 2019 came with surprising and accurate image recognition technology, precise infrared spectrometry, digital noses and water sensors. Many of their gadgets were designed with high-end sensors which helps you to accomplish your task easily. Even though there is still a lot of improvement that can be made in this aspect, we can expect that Digital Sensing is the future of smart kitchen tech. Brands like Aryballe and Whirlpool have developed their patent digital sensors already.

The Rise of Water Intelligence Technology
At this current time, water is one of the most precious and important resources that we need to conserve and make good use of. That is why a lot of companies with the help of their developers have worked on Water Intelligence Technology. Big names like Belkin have come up with their digital sensors which can detect and tell you more about the water you are using. A lot of appliances now come with the water management system to use only the exact amount of water that is required in order to accomplish a task.

Wireless Power Is Beneficial
A really cool feature that we were introduced to in the CES 2019 was wireless power. Wireless or cordless power in the kitchen is going to be a boon for a lot of people. Power Consortium showed us the first public demo back in 2018, and cordless kitchenware has rocketed since. Phillips and Haier have joined the line and developed small kitchen appliances with cordless power support. Even though it will take some time before such products can hit the market.

So, these are some of the amazing food tech and smart kitchen trends that we have seen at the CES 2019. With so many new innovations and technology on the horizon, we can only hope that brands come forward with appliances and gadgets that will help people to lead a smarter and sophisticated life real soon.

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