Maximum of the people believe that a laptop that is capacitated to play videos and gameplay is the best one. However, we have brought a laptop that comprises of different specifications which are altogether more impressive and worthwhile. CENAVA F14 Notebook is comes flooded with applications and executes all your important task on a serious note. You can work and play on it anytime you feel like.

Here we are going to talk about the CENAVA F14 Notebook so that you can make up your mind to own one. Let’s know about the exceptional features of CENAVA F14 Notebook that would stimulate your desire to own it vigorously –

CENAVA F14: Design

CENAVA F14 Notebook resembles with chuwi 14.1. The overall body weight of the product is 1.2000 kg and makes it convenient to be carried anywhere you feel like. You can carry it at your back for an accounting any kind of inconvenience that a computer may give you. The package comes with briefcase, charger and the laptop set.CENAVA F14 Notebook Review

The latest model brags about full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels with 14-inch IPS screen. The product has reduced frame for giving you a better advantage of the display. The thickness is just 9-millimeter so that the panel occupies practically laser space for making the equipment more useful. As far company introduced this notebook with only one color as White. In this color, the notebook is looking good and attractive as well.

CENAVA F14: Hardware

Coming straight to the hardware of the product, CENAVA F14 Notebook is blessed with Intel Celeron N3450 Quad-Core processor that runs up to 2.2 gigahertz speed. If you using this notebook for general work like Accounting, some office work then it can perform all of your tasks seamlessly. Apart from that, it can also do other stuff like watching movies, some kind of editing stuff on Camtasia, flimora.

The on-chip Intel graphics will let you do the other stuff like play games and show the videos on a very good quality. It comes with 6 GB DDR4 Ram and 64GB internal storage for the user. The  64GB ROM is not enough for users so for that you need to buy an external hard disk. The RAM is enough and it can run all the software and games like CS, NFC Most wanted etc.

CENAVA F14: Operating system

Already mentioned above, the CENAVA F14 Notebook comes with Windows 10 operating system. It is the most convenient option if you have never been introduced to Mac or Android-based laptops up till now. The quick review of Windows 10 let you know about its weaknesses and strength on the moment. Despite being slightly complicated, Windows 10 operating system easiest to learn. It is the best for every kind of professional and normal person.

Windows 10 is indeed the most flexible operating system that is embedded in the maximum of the latest models. Although, Windows 10 model range quite exceptionally High, yet this laptop has been priced considerably low. The improvisation of several features and the ability to use follow up questions is not available in any of the operating systems so far.

CENAVA F14: Keyboard & Touchpad

The most important specification of a laptop is about accurate hardware integration. The solid tactile feedback and plenty of vertical travel provide a lot of conveniences while you type in the laptop. More about the Touchpad is not at all about a jumping cursor that consistently hinders with your work. Hence, even if you’re looking forward to owning the CENAVA F14 Notebook for the business purpose, you are going to roam around everywhere with it.

The keys of the Notebook is soft and alphabets are easily identifying with a small gesture. The one thing is missing is backlight, it doesn’t have that. So in the night it hard to type fast. The touchpad is good and big in size. You can easily roam the all-around screen with one click.

CENAVA F14: ConnectivityCENAVA F14 Notebook Review

CENAVA F14 Notebook has been embedded with Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI and USB support as a connection option. It also has round DC – in connector for allowing you to charge it through the USB port. Additionally, it has Mini HDMI video output jack, 3.5 audio jack, and micro SD card reader. You can connect a streaming Box with a laptop to convert it into a full-fledged television. With 9000 MaH battery power there is no need for you to waste your energy in repeatedly charging the laptop. The Windows 10 operating system for the exaggerate your experience.

CENAVA F14: Review & Price

The Splendid laptop comes with top Intel Celeron NOC for ensuring amazing performance when paired with 6 GB RAM. The combination of good internal and better RAM makes it an amazing gadget at a low price. The product is amazingly beneficial if you are going to work on internet and word on it.

The screen size of 14.1 inch makes it an ideal choice for usability and portability. It’s not bad to own a laptop with largest screen size if you must remain at home. However, currently the models with medium screen size gaining more important. Since you are spending $248 in the device, they can be nothing better than this.

The Notebook is available on the PreSale at GearBest on the price of $248. So grab the deal before it get out of stock.


Besides all the configuration mentioned above, the CENAVA F14 Notebook comes with YouTube support, plastic cover back, mic support, Skype, built in speakers and dual language support. You get a Chinese manual for understanding the basics of the laptop.

Design & Apperance
Hardware & OS
Memory (RAM+ROM)
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