CBD oil is big news nowadays and more and more CBD Oil businesses are being set-up. Marijuana is also now legalized in a lot of countries as well which means more dispensaries have been set-up as well. Both these events have also had the knock-on effect of making hemp companies and shops more popular as well. 

This means all these businesses are now looking for the best ways to market their products/ services and one of the best ways to do this is with a video. Videos, especially in today’s age of social media, are one of the most effective ways to market your business and its products but how should CBD oil, hemp, and marijuana businesses design their videos? 

Designing an effective video is difficult, I think that is a statement the majority of us can agree on isn’t it? But if you plan everything carefully and take your time a video can be a powerful promotional tool. Below, I’ve outlined some of the best tips for CBD oil, hemp, and marijuana businesses when it comes to designing their videos. Read more about this at Sensei CBD.

Video Design Tips 

Whether it’s for a CBD oil, hemp or marijuana business many of the tips I’ve laid out below will work when it comes to designing your promotional videos. So, whatever your business is you can likely benefit from using these tips or at the very least they will help you when it comes to idea generation. You can see other video design tips through sites like Video Production Hampshire. Check them out for some great tips and video advice.

Use Green 

Well it might be a little cliché but using green should be a given, you don’t have to just use green but it should show up somewhere in the video. Don’t worry about looking boring though because there are plenty of different shades of green to choose from and there are plenty of ways you can utilize it. You could have a green backdrop, green furnishings in the background of your video or even have your spokesperson wear a green piece of clothing. 

Keep Things Simple 

CBD oil, hemp, and marijuana businesses provide a variety of services/ products but sometimes they can be a little complex. Many people will likely have misconceptions about your business so you should use your video to cleanly and simply promote your business and explain what it does. In order to do this effectively, you should try to make things as simple as possible. This will also help you keep your work-life clean and healthy too.

Make Things Exciting 

CBD oils and other similar products might have the potential to do some amazing things but getting this across in a video can be difficult. This is why you should focus on making your videos exciting by using graphics to better represent how your oil works. Be careful to ensure you don’t overdo it but a few graphics can help you visualize your message and the benefits of your product to your audience.  

Keep Things Short 

In the majority of cases, you will be better sticking to a shorter video aim to get things around 15 – 30 seconds if you can.