With Google you can now restrict all Google searcheshttps://parentalcontrolnow.org/best-parental-control/software/as it has a new feature that is able to block the websites that are not useful to you. The Google Chrome is now a full feature which gives the user and option to block all search results. Search engines allow you to block sites you don’t wish to open through the Windows controls.

When you block the website, you can opt to manage the sites which you have blocked or recover the blocked site. The process requires you to log in to a Google account if at all you wish to save any website you have blocked. Note that all blocked results usually notify you the number of results blocked.

What is Google SafeSearch?

Google SafeSearch simply refers to basic parental control features provided by Google in order for parents to manage and monitor search results of their children when visiting websites. SafeSearch is designed to filter any kind of explicit content from search results. It usually aims at filtering adult material which include images and videos so that children who visit sites are protected from such exploits.

Just like adults, children like to exploit the internet and when left alone, they can use Google to find anything they want. This can range from basic information, homework and sometimes explicit content material. Some children can get the content inappropriately while others intentionally if given a chance. This is the reason why Google introduced certain parental control functionalities to help parents control what their children access. One of this includes Google SafeSearch.

Setting safe search in Google

Being the most popular search engine used by majority on the internet, Google offers the safest search to all its users in a fight to filter any adult content. The following are steps that can be helpful for computers with more than one user account, and more than one web browser users:

Google Safe Search on the Computer

To begin the process, you can search for anything on Google and then go to search results page and then locate the ‘gear’ icon which is located on the right of your computer’s screen. When you click on the gear icon, a menu pops up. Select Search Settings and then place a checkmark next to Filter Explicit Results. Go to the bottom of the same page and locate save icon and then click on it.

How to lock SafeSearch to the strict setting

If at all you have a Google account like Gmail, Google+ or can upload videos to YouTube, it is easy and possible to lock SafeSearch to the strict setting. Using this action makes it hard to change settings unless you login to your Google account. Filters also become hard to be removed. Follow the following process to lock SafeSearch to the ‘strict’ setting:

  1. Locate Search Settings and change the SafeSearch filters setting from its moderate to strict.
  2. Select Lock SafeSearch icon and log into your Google account.
  3. Click on Lock SafeSearch so that Google locks SafeSearch. When the process is complete, you will get a confirmation that the process is complete.

It is important to note that SafeSearch helps in filtering out unsafe or adult content in all Google’s search domain including videos, photos and websites. SafeSearch is optional for any Google user and it can only be turned on for users who have personal accounts as well as browsers. It can also be used for supervising children’s devices and accounts by using the Family Link app. Finally, it is suitable for use on school gadgets or at workplace.

Google SafeSearch on Mobile Devices

Google SafeSearch can be used on mobile devices and the best way to manage adult content is using kid-safe browser. However, the kid-safe browser is not applicable to all mobile phones and requires an alternative way of enabling strict Search in Google. The difference between using SafeSearch on mobile device and computer is that mobile devices don’t allow you to lock settings. This is where the kid-safe browsers become essential. Note that it is easy to restrict the default Safari browser on iPod touch and iPad. This allows you to install a browser that can filter any adult content for your kids.

When using iPhone, iPod touch and any other smartphone, use the following procedure:

  1. Select Google on your search
  2. Locate settings which are located downward.
  3. Click on strict (images and text)
  4. Scroll down and then click on save

How does SafeSearch work?

SafeSearch can be used everywhere to help you filter sexually explicit content from your search results. Other search engines also have their own features like Google’s SafeSearch with different features as well. You can enable and disable SafeSearch on any site and when it is enabled, it will filter any pornographic content from your Google search results. When SafeSearch is disabled, Google provides all relevant results you are searching for. In addition, it will provide search results for any explicit content in case you are searching for it.

For users who have more than one web browser on their system, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Locate ‘Search Settings’ on preferences page and then place a check in the box that has ‘Filter explicit results’.
  • Lock the setting by clicking ‘Lock SafeSearch’ link so that the kid cannot make changes.

Note that if your child has a separate account on a shared computer, it is recommended to lock down the browser within the profile of the child. Any process of enabling and disabling SafeSearch displays a confirmation message in the browser page. Additionally, parents can know in case the child attempts to disable the SafeSearch. This is through checking the status at the top of the screen which shows the locked SafeSearch. If SafeSearch has issues and is unable to work effectively, you can solve the issue by visiting fix issues with SafeSearch. If at all the SafeSearch is on and still explicit content can be viewed, you can report the content