Are you tired of losing track of your car? Do you find yourself searching for your vehicle in parking lots more often than not? Well, fret no more. Due to the wonders of technology, you can now track your car using just your phone.

There are various ways to track your car using your phone, including GPS tracking apps, car manufacturer apps, mobile network provider tracking, Bluetooth tracking devices, and aftermarket GPS tracking systems.

Here, we will discuss each option in detail, providing valuable information on keeping track of your vehicle.

How Can You Track Your Car By Using a Phone?

Starting a car tracking system can be quite expensive and complex. But, with the advent of mobile phones, tracking your car has become much more accessible, cheaper, and more convenient.

Using a phone to track your car provides real-time data on the location of your vehicle, making it an essential tool for car owners. Here are some ways you can use your phone to track your car:

01: GPS Tracking Apps

Installing a GPS tracking app is one of the easiest ways to monitor your car’s location. There are many different GPS tracking apps available on the market, and most of them work by using the GPS sensors in your phone to track the location of your car.

To implement this option, you only need to download a GPS tracking app, enable location services on your phone, and then start tracking your car’s location.

Most GPS tracking apps allow you to set up alerts and notifications so that you can be notified whenever your car moves or leaves a certain area. You can also view your car’s location history and even share your car’s location with other people.

02: Car Manufacturer Apps

Many car manufacturers now offer apps that allow you to track your car’s location in real time. These apps usually work by connecting to a vehicle’s GPS tracker. and communicating with the app through a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Some examples of car manufacturer apps include BMW Connected App, FordPass App, and Mercedes me App.

To use this option, you must download the app for your car’s manufacturer and follow the instructions to set up the app on your phone. This may involve pairing your phone with your car’s GPS tracking device and entering your car’s VIN or other identifying information.

Once the app is set up, you can track your car’s location in real-time and perform other functions such as locking and unlocking the doors and starting the engine. Some apps even allow you to monitor your car’s fuel levels and maintenance needs.

03: Mobile Network Provider Tracking

If you subscribe to a mobile network provider offering location tracking services, you can track your car’s location using a GPS tracking device installed in your car.

These GPS tracking devices can communicate with the provider’s network using a Wi-Fi or cellular connections and provide real-time location-tracking information.

You must purchase a GPS tracking device compatible with your mobile network provider’s tracking service for this option. You will also need to subscribe to the provider’s tracking service and follow the instructions for installing and activating the GPS tracking device in your car.

Once the GPS tracking device is activated, you can track your car using your phone or a web-based dashboard provided by the mobile network provider. Some providers also offer alerts and notifications for situations such as when a car leaves or moves.

04: Bluetooth Tracking Devices

If you prefer a more low-tech solution, you can attach a Bluetooth tracking device to your car and track its location using your phone. Bluetooth trackers are small, battery-powered devices that can be attached to your car’s keychain, under the seat, or in the trunk.

To implement this option, you must purchase a Bluetooth tracking device and download the corresponding app for your phone. You will then need to pair the Bluetooth tracker with your phone and attach it to your car.

Once the Bluetooth tracker is attached and paired, you can use the app to find your car’s location. Some Bluetooth trackers also offer features such as crowd-sourced tracking, where other users of the same tracking device can help locate your car.

05: Aftermarket GPS Tracking Systems

Finally, you can install an aftermarket GPS tracking system in your car to monitor its location. Aftermarket GPS tracking systems are typically more advanced than Bluetooth trackers and offer more features, such as real-time location tracking, geo-fencing, and vehicle diagnostics.

You must purchase an aftermarket GPS tracking system and install it professionally in your car to implement this option. You will also have to pay for the location tracking service, which may involve a monthly or yearly fee.

Once the GPS tracking system is installed and activated, you can track your car’s location using your phone’s app. You can also get alerts and notifications when your car leaves a certain area, follow its location in real-time, and check its diagnostics.

Some aftermarket GPS tracking systems also offer remote engine start and stop and keyless entry features. Furthermore, if you’re ever in a situation where you can’t locate your car or it has broken down, it’s always best to call a towing service to get it moved to a safe location.

Embrace Technology and Track Your Car Using Your Phone

Gone are the days when you had to worry about finding your car in a crowded parking lot. With the advancement of technology, tracking your car has never been easier.

Whether you prefer using GPS tracking apps, mobile network provider tracking, car manufacturer apps, Bluetooth tracking devices, or aftermarket GPS tracking systems, they got you covered.

It’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option to ensure you choose the one that fits your specific needs. Regardless of which method you choose, having the ability to track your car with your phone can offer you peace of mind and the knowledge that your vehicle is always just a few taps away.

Don’t waste any more time wandering around aimlessly looking for your car. Let your phone be your guide.

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