Every day, cybercriminal groups take control of the data of users and various companies, launching a series of destructive programs. Therefore, in all countries, more attention is now being paid specifically to cybersecurity and the control of information resources.

The Ruthless Statistics

Cyber Threats

According to PwC Global Investor Survey 2018, 41% of respondents think that the most serious threat to business in 2018 is cyberattacks. The global damage to companies because of cyberattacks is estimated at $ 1.5 billion annually, and it is growing every year. According to the results of cybersecurity statistics in 2019, up to 43% of attacks target small businesses, and they are under constant threat. Large companies and businesses are also not sufficiently protected and may leak information. The main problem is that Internet attacks threaten not only business but also all its customers who use the services.

The most global cyberattacks and information leaks:

Among several high-profile data leaks in recent years, Yahoo was the largest, in which three billion user accounts were compromised;

  • The international mobile operator T-Mobile was the victim of a hacker attack because of which attackers gained access to 2 million customer accounts of the company.
  • One of the world’s largest hotel chains, Marriott International, reported a data leak of 500 million customers. At the hands of the attackers were a combination of the name, phone number, passport number, email address, mailing address, date of birth, and gender of at least 327 million people. After the publication of this information, the company’s shares fell by more than 5%.
  • Jason’s Deli restaurant chain, for example, leaked credit card information to two million customers last year.
  • Violation of the US voters database in 2015 caused significant damage to citizens’ right to privacy and personal information.

This data is an example of the fact that cybersecurity is a serious unsolved problem of our time, and not only individual users and small businesses, but also large companies and even government organizations can become victims of such threats.

The Impact of Cyber Attacks on Company Status

The state of the business and cyberattacks on it are interconnected. Those companies that have become victims of information attacks have a decline in market reputation, a decrease in customer loyalty indicators. Besides, the internal structure of the organization suffers, especially the operating and financial systems.

A Cisco cyberattack report showed the following:

  • 23% of affected companies reported lost profits, of which 42% lost more than 20% of profitable offers.
  • 22% of organizations affected by cyberattacks have dropped the number of customers;
  • 29% significantly reduced revenues, 38% of them profit decreased by 20%.

Ways to Minimize the Threat of Cyber Attacks

To minimize the threat of cyberattacks, companies need to take a series of actions to improve their security system:

  • The information security system should be funded and promoted by the company’s employees.
  • It is necessary to check protection efficiency and improve its methods.
  • It is worth paying attention to a systematic approach. Namely, integration and automation should be placed at the top of all protection criteria. It will help reduce time and simplify the process of detecting and preventing cyberattacks.

However, the best solution to the problems associated with cyberattacks and malicious programs that hackers spread is still reliable, modern anti-virus software. It provides a series of actions that increase the level of protection.

  • Scan the electronic mailing list of spam lists.
  • Full-featured protection of endpoints, servers from cyber threats.
  • Security solution for public and private cloud structures.
  • Protection of database by encrypting and preventing leakage.

The new methods of cyberattacks accompany the development of technology, but at the same time, it allows you to defend against them effectively. Businesses at various levels are under constant threat of cybercrime. Nevertheless, following our recommendations and choosing the right antivirus software will help minimize threats and develop the ability to prevent them.