We all know and are seeing boAt getting successful day by day. They are continuing to make the buyers satisfied and are launching new high-quality products frequently for all the prices and budgets. 

As the demand for gaming smartphones increases, so does the demand for gaming accessories. To take full advantage of this situation, the Indian popular accessory manufacturer, boAt, debuted in the gaming headset market.

They have newly introduced a product in the gaming market named Boat immortal 1000D Headphones. It’s a blessing for all the gamers out there. So, let’s just educate ourselves more about the product and we will also provide you with a review of it in between the lines. 

Features of BoAt Immortal IM1000D 

BoAt Immortal IM1000D on-ear headphones provide 7.1 surround sound and a large 50mm driver. They provide an immersive listening experience that can enhance the gaming experience. In addition, the headset is compatible with Dolby Atmos sound effects and audio technology noise isolation ENx. Moreover, it comes with a detachable microphone to aid in gaming. Also, the microphone has a dual noise reduction function which is nowadays a necessary feature in any type of headphones or earphones.

Some of the other features contain dual-quality microphones designed for e-sports gamers, integrated remote control for microphones, sound on headphones and LED lighting, integrated RGB-LED lighting with automatic breathing mode, and closed design with breathable cushions to reduce long-term fatigue of materials and braided cables, which are safer. 

Price Of BoAt Immortal 1000D 

As we all know, boAt’s every single release is highly reasonable and not that expensive, making it easier for anybody to buy their products without burning a hole in their pockets. Similarly, these newly launched ones are inexpensive and reasonable too with a cost of ₹2499. It comes in two basic and common colors, that is, black and white. Although the MRP of the product is ₹5990, you can get it for ₹2499. 

The product is available on Amazon as well and it is on sale for now. You can check out the product and order it from the link given below. 


The principle spotlight of the headphones is the presence of Dolby Atmos to make sure of immersive gaming and amusement experience, as per media. Moreover, Boat co-founder Samir Mehta said: “We are very happy to launch our first Immortal 1000D gaming headset in India. The Indian gaming market has become one of the largest electronic gaming markets in the world because of the fast and affordable connections of the Internet and smartphones. We hope to provide professional audio accessories and peripherals for professional and casual gamers and enthusiasts. ” 

Therefore, till now this newly launched product, Boat Immortal 1000D Headphone is the main topic people are gushing about and everybody’s liking it. People’s expectation from Boat has now increased more and we all are waiting for more such great and handful of products.