Being at home for the past two years during this pandemic is not easy, we get it. Even though we are getting many opportunities to spend time with our family, sometimes we get bored and playing games come to our mind when we think of preventing boredom. 

Best Board Game Apps For Android 

We might not have all the games in our house, but we surely can have all the games we like on our phones, thanks to technology. So, we are going to list the 7 Best Board Game Apps For Android, below for all of you who just want to have some fun. 

If you talk about board games and monopoly doesn’t come to your mind at first, then there’s something wrong. Monopoly is one of the Best board games ever and now you can play it on your Android as well. The monopoly app supports various devices and you can play it without getting disturbed by the ads or something. Monopoly 

The app version of Monopoly also comes with the basic house rules that you are already familiar with, but they can also be changed. There are also different modes: fast mode, single-player against artificial intelligence, and even in or out of online multiplayer games. Moreover, you can even use different local Monopoly sections in the app to explore different cities. 

Even if you have never played it ever in you, now is that you to play it on your phone. UNO cards are one of the best family games ever. It is exciting and interesting in all ways.

UNOTeam up with friends in and vs 2 take part in the tournament to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards with the highest score. The app also has a voice chat function, so you can even say “UNO!” When you are close enough to win and enter the microphone of your device.

Here, you must compete with others to establish your position on Catan Island and become the first lord or mistress of the island! This is a resource game. If you want to beat other people who are vying for the same title as you, you want to own as much land and materials as possible.Catan Universe

Build your own settlements and control areas belonging to others. The winner is the one who gets the most victory points at the end of the game. Since it is a board game app, you can play it from anywhere. You wouldn’t have to carry the whole board game around your house or anywhere. 

We have all at least once played this game in our lives and lost touch with it. This game can enhance your vocabulary as well. It sounds exciting and is interesting to play. You can play multiple Scrabble games at the same time with other users in the app. You can team up with random players online or invite other friends to play with you. The game itself is very similar to Scrabble in real life. A group of 7 letters, they take turns trying to form words on the blackboard. 

This game is one of the oldest and most common games played among the people of the world. It supports all the devices. It is a game of strategy, sharpness, speed, and cunningly checkmating the opponent’s king. This application allows you to play in pairs with other players from all over the world. The game board is easy and it helps you see every action that you make by touching a specific piece. You can be advanced with the help of the tips and tricks the app provides. 

Clue Detective: mystery murder criminal board game

In this game, a player commits a murder, and everyone else needs to find out who he/she is, what weapon he/she used, and which room the murderer was in. The clue version of the app works the same way, you can play single or multiplayer online games. It works the same way as the physical one just with a tint of a more animated version. 

This is a game suitable for family use, even though it is all about strategy. In Tsuro The Game of the Path, players must place tiles on the board to customize the game. How your stones slide; however, since they all use the same board, you need to be careful because the path of other players may lead your pieces in the wrong direction or even disappear completely from the board.Tsuro - The game of path 

They start to cross and connect with each other, the goal is to take the longest path while staying on the board. Tsuro supports up to 8 players, whether on the device or online. It is a game full of strategy and how you use your mind and cunningness to win and make your own path. 


I personally like the UNO, because of its Interface and fun to play whenever you are free. Also which game you liked the most let us know, or any other game which we missed in this listing then do let us know, we will definitely add that to our Best board games list.

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