Ladies and gentlemen, a new smartphone is going to present in the market by yet another Chinese manufacturer Bluboo. The company is going to launch one more phone in their S series products, and the name of that product is “Bluboo S8”.

Bluboo S8 Bezel-less Smartphone
Bluboo S8 Bezel-less Smartphone

The products which are initiated by this company belongs to the ‘A’ class category in America and Europe, and China also. So, as you can see, the new Bluboo S8 has been introduced to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8, now that is a bold move on the company’s part, but we never know especially in the electronic market, that who will beat whom. So, you never know, if Bluboo S8 can beat Samsung Galaxy S8. To find that, let’s get to know some interesting facts about the Bluboo S8 first and then we can decide whether it stands a chance or not. Let’s begin.

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Glorious Design:

Glorious Design of Bluboo S8

A frameless body is the new trend of this era, and this handset meets the requirements of a bezel-less smartphone. The compact body with minimal bezels gives an elegant look to the smartphone and not to mention how good its ebonic body looks. The Bluboo S8 is designed to provide a style statement and to deliver a perfect hour glass figure. It’s an edgy and stylish phone to carry in your hands. The metallic zinc alloy frame is used here to provide you a smooth and gentle experience. The Bluboo S8 is available in multiple classic color choices. The impact proof and light weight body of the device is a stable character which will make you love it even more.

Fantastic Display:

Fantastic Display of S8

IPS-OGS-technology makes the 5.7-inches display, but the superior resolution at 1440×720 pixels indicates the average output of the image. The full brightness of the 480cd/m2 will provide a dynamic picture quality. The curved glass screen enables viewers to watch their favorite movies and play the games with its sharp, edgy display. The screen density is of 282ppi, which will allow you to notice sharp penetrating features of the smartphone and this will also make your eyes feel a soothing after effect even after spending all day in front of your Bluboo S8. So, all-in-all the visual display of the device is beautiful, and it has a mesmerizing screen to work on.

Theocritus Hardware Performance:

Well, talking about the Bluboo S8’s hardware performance, we found some fascinating things, and it is one hell of hardware performance in moderate rate. It has a MediaTek MT6750T processor, along with 3GB of RAM and the Mali T860MP2 graphics chip. The device works well while playing massive games and it can load big files or videos very quickly without any lags. The hardware of the Bluboo S8 has some other interesting facts such as:

  • Cores= 8
  • Bit = 64 bit
  • CPU = Architecture 4 cores Cortex-A53 1,5 GHz / 4 cores Cortex-A53 1GHz
  • Frequency= 1.5 GHz
  • Process technology= 28nm
  • GPU = Mali T860MP
  • GPU cores= 2
  • GPU frequency= 650Mhz
  • ROM (ROM)= 32GB
  • External memory= MicroSD (TF), support of card up to 256Gb

 Latest Operating System:

Latest Android 7.1 OS

The BlubooS8 smartphone is a smartphone which operates on the 7.1 Android. The OS of the phone is very efficient, and there isn’t any major issue in the performance of the device as it comes with the 360 OS that not only provides swift operating but it also provides a full proof secure browsing experience to users. The performance of the smartphone is sufficient for average users who want to use it for personal purposes.

Professional Camera:

Okay, I know each of you wants a high-quality camera on your phone that will click HQ picture of your great movements. The Bluboo S8 has a dual rear 13 + 5 -megapixel camera which provides users the incredible detail of images, natural color reproduction, and no noise, which will steal the show for you. The 5-megapixel front camera is also featured, which makes your selfies more beautiful and adorable.

Good Battery life:

The battery of the Bluboo S8 is durable and sustainable; it can be convenient at the time of emergency. The battery capacity of the Bluboo S8 is 3450mAh, which is quite amazing when compared to other smartphones. The device can work for 2-3 days in normal mode and works for 6-7 hours in hardcore mode. The Standby time is around 5-6 days and the Talk time is of more than 25 hours which is commendable.

Other Snoopy features:

  • It is multilingual with languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Danish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.
  • It contains Sensors like Gyroscope, E-Compass, Gravity Hall Sensor.
  • More Additional Features:

3G, 4G, Alarm, Fingerprint Unlocking, Camera, Browser, Bluetooth, Calendar, Calculator, Fingerprint recognition, MP3, MP4, & Wi-Fi.

Pros & Cons of Bluboo S8 smartphone


  • Bezel-less screen.
  • High Screen to body ratio.
  • High-quality camera with excellent and sharp pictures.


  • The Bluboo S8 is the bit pricey as compared to other smartphones with same specs.
  • The RAM and ROM could have been better
  • The processor is not that amazing when compared to S8


Let’s just say this new Bluboo S8 smartphone is a decent buy and can be your next phone choice easily as it has the looks of S8 and I don’t think any other smartphone can deliver such looks at this price range. Now rest in your hands, but don’t forget to read the complete review before making your final decisions.

The pre booking of the phone has been open and you can easily get one for your self.