The Bluboo S3 is the first preference for the ones who are seeking for a perfect balance between autonomy and specifications. The super sales of Bluboo S3 have surprised the rest of the tech brands this time. All the credit goes to the powerful configuration and a battery backup of 8500 MaH. The 4GB RAM  and other intricacies make it a fun affair to purchase something like Bluboo S3 smartphone.

Are you willing to buy something that offers hours of workability? Apart from this particular model, believe me, you will not get anything within a budgeted range. The high quality yet affordable smartphone has been launched under the sponsorship of Banggood. You can take home the very beautiful model at a price of $149.99.

Bluboo S3: Design and Appearance

When we analyzed the design of the phone, it ended up giving more positive feedback to the handset. It is so fashionable that you would like to flaunt it publicly all the time. To achieve the great look, the physical buttons are located towards the lower front. the rest of the aesthetics get all the inspiration from its predecessor. The robust skip roof texture allows you to handle it without care.BLUBOO-S3 Review

The lovely Golden and black variants come up with rounded edges for facilitating your grip on it. The weight of the smartphone is around 280 grams. It certainly does not a lightweight gadget. However, the overall size is compact enough to fit in your pocket with utmost comfort. Overall, the design of the Bluboo S3 is fascinating enough with quality intricacies and curved corners.

Bluboo S3: DisplayBLUBOO-S3 Review

What a whopping 6-inch screen it has. With full HD format, you would love to watch movies at 2160 X 1080 pixel screen. The configuration is absolutely perfect in this particular Smartphone model. We tested gadget against accidental false and knockout, surprisingly it withstood the strong impacts because of the Gorilla Glass 3.

Bluboo S3: Hardware & Performance

When talking about the device performance, nothing leaves it behind because of the very promising MT6750T processor that has been developed to fetch a speed of 1.6 gigahertz along with 20% more battery backup. The Octa Core processor adds a great advantage especially when you play heavy games within the Limited storage capacity of the device.BLUBOO-S3 ReviewThe additional GPU unit of ARM Mali T860 provides the best graphics to the high-end games and 4K videos. The 4GB Of RAM is enough to run games and additional 64 GB internal space would never let you face any lacking of storage. You can practically move the phone for playing 3D and GPS based games. You can also expand the storage up to 256GB with the help of Tf card. BLUBOO-S3 ReviewThe device is running on the latest Android 8.1 Oreo with the custom build UI. The UI of the device is a lot more like stock Android but you can update the app icons and themes and wallpapers as well.

BluBoo S3: Camera

We continue to talk about the prominent features of the smartphone. Let’s know more about it by analyzing the embedded something sensors of 21.0 MP + 5.0 MP each. With the bokeh effect, focusing on the objects becomes all the more fascinating. Both the camera has the Samsung sensor which makes it more attractive. The image quality of the camera is nice, it captures more color than usual one which is not good but in low light it performs great.BLUBOO-S3 ReviewThe 13-megapixel front camera has also Samsung sensor. The 88 Degree of wide-angle camera capture the more area around you. So can take selfie easily of more than 7-8 person. The front camera does struggle in low-light because of Lack of flash-light.

Bluboo S3: Connectivity

The unending feature of Bluboo S3 comes up with facilitating Technologies that make the device stand out of the crowd. Furthermore, the device is featured with the Dual SIM and both the port are 4G LTE enables. It gives the power to enjoy internet with better speed. The headphone adaptor with 3.5 mm jack for my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi complement the User experience all the more.

The interesting thing about the device is it does come with the NFC feature so now you don’t have to migrate all the data through any App just touch the other NFC enable smartphone and your data will be transfer. At the price, no other smartphone comes with the NFC feature.

BluBoo S3: Features

The Bluboo S3 comes with the 13MP front camera is which have the Samsung sensor and it offers the Face unlock as well. The Face unlock features is not that fast but it can easily manage to open the smartphone within .2 sec. Apart from the face unlock it comes with the Fingerprint sensor as well. BLUBOO-S3 ReviewThe face unlock feature can also help you to access your apps. You can also set face to unlock the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Bluboo S3: Massive Battery

The great strength of Bluboo S3 is the battery backup it provides. In terms of duration, you can expect the battery backup to last for up to 2 days. You need to charge the phone for 2.5 hours. On keeping it in standby mode, expect the battery to last for a week at least. The 8500 MaH battery has been known to qualify all the laboratory tests conducted by the brand.BLUBOO-S3 ReviewYou can also charge other smartphones with the use of OTG cable which comes with the smartphone box.

Bluboo S3: Review & Conclusion

We conclude the article by stating the device as powerful in possible aspect. It satisfies the core requirement and provides innovative Technologies like face recognition and outstanding battery backup.

The lower price adds much attraction to the smart phone. You can bag it at the $149.99 before it goes out of stock at Banggood. The promotion is expected to end very soon so hurry up.

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