The new launch by Vivo is taking all the attention through its noticeable features and affordable price range. Up till now, blu smartphone has always extracted a lot of money from the users. However, this time that trend has been reversed through the latest launched by Vivo X. Now the company is focused on the mid-segment smartphone which comes under the $300. The companies like Xiaomi, Moto and Now honor is already on the market.

Let’s take a look at the VIVO X how it is going to make it’s placed on the market while others have already:BLU VIVO X review

Design & Appearance

The first impression of Blu Vivo x quite a lot resembled like one plus 5t smartphone model. Sportingly the phone has been blessed with minimal bezel design, trendy screen and premium aluminum housing which makes it a star for the mid-range smartphone. The overall packing has been kept sufficiently impressed with the aesthetic element and structural integrity. The 18: 9 curved Glass display has been fitted with an electrolyzed finish that further compliments the aluminum housing. The color available is midnight black that no user can reject.BLU Vivo XNo matter whether it’s a woman or a smartphone, having a slim body is what every owner wants! So talking about the Vivo x Ultra-narrow bezel, The Graceful curve bodyline makes it a handy device altogether. The look of the smartphone is both unique and comfortable with the appropriate balance of everything.

Processor (Soc)

Do you have a clue why different smartphones have different price tags? What is the primary reason? That is what we are going to talk about now. Strong processor represents the quality of the smartphone. The blu Vivo X introduces MediaTek 6757 chipset along with 2.6 gigahertz Octa-Core processor. So you can expect the quick execution of Time-consuming tasks by the smartphone. Further, it is clubbed with 4 GB DDR4X RAM which assures unparalleled productivity.

The 64GB of Internal storage which can be expandable up to 64GB more with the micro sd card. Talking about the internal storage is not enough because which could be drawn back for the Vivo X.

Camera: Dual Rear & Front Camera

The camera of the vivo smartphone lures the maximum attention every time. Vivo has first time introduced quad camera Technology in the launched smartphone. The dual smartphone camera of 20 Megapixel + 8 megapixels at front allows you to Captivate 120 degree Wide Angle group selfie with unmatchable bokeh effect.BLU Vivo X

The main camera with 13 megapixels + 5 megapixels that let you grab in-depth shots which perfectly match the professional quality digital blueprints. Furthermore, the blu final touch software enhancement gives oomph to the clicked pictures.

The f2.0 aperture and the back cameras together give those special effects in your pictures. Every picture clicked through the Blu vivo x is amazingly beautiful and resembles the ones that have been clicked by a typical DSLR camera.

Enjoy The Magnificent Selfies

The trend of selfies has been stimulated by the Vivo v5 series and now it is again energized with the latest launch. The Vivo X Dual camera talks about 20 Megapixel plus 8-megapixel front cameras can give limitless selfies that almost no user can imagine. With 4 – cell Technology, the camera has compound 4 pixels integrated in a single sensor unit for captivating 4x of light to improve the image quality, particularly in low light areas. The Exclusive shots buy Vivo series are definitely a perk for every user.

Software Enhancement

The limitless specifications of the smartphone give you another reason to place an instant order for it. With the Vivo camera, you can record the life and an entirely different way through the amazing software modifications allowance. So no matter whether you need to click slow motion picture, Rapid Skydiving adventure, night scene or a simple touch up group selfie, Vivo would let you have more than a satisfying experience in all of it.

With the features like professional editing, inbuilt GIF, pic note, smart scan, time lapse, picture card scanner, translation, panorama camera, card scanner and slow-motion picture captivation capabilities, Vivo is the new Apple of today’s generation.

And what is the best?

You know what is the best in this gadget? It is the dual WhatsApp app support that lets you use a single WhatsApp from two different numbers at the same time. In other words, there would be two WhatsApp app installed in a single smartphone that can be registered with each of your SIM.

The Finest Security & Quick Access Feature

The total security parameter adopted by Vivo x series ensures complete protection for your personal data and important applications. With just .2 seconds of finger unlocking future, it is impossible to get a better security than what the blasting smartphone is featuring.

Ballistic Battery

With 4010 MAH battery power, you can relish unlimited entertainment hours with up to 2 days of standby time. If you plug in the battery power to full, you can probably use the smartphone up to 2 days without needing to recharge it repeatedly. It just takes 2.5 hours overall to get the phone absolutely full.

BLU VIV X: Review & Conclusion

The company has set the price of this smartphone is under the budget of $300 which is quite nominal for everyone. The gadget is totally worth for the money. Some of the features like Dual Whatsapp and face unlock is not comparable to anyone. Where other companies are providing the patch Vivo X is offering built-in face unlock feature. You can buy the blu vivo x now at 17%.

Design & Apperance
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