Over the day by day, a lot of new gadgets are coming into the market. The Gimbal is one of them and becomes popular in YouTubers, Film Makers, Videographers and other users. But Not all can afford the DJI Gimbal because of the of the high price. That’s why a lot of companies are offering a better product in budget price. Beyondsky is one of them, Eyemind is the latest Gimbal from the Beyondsky.

So here we would discuss the prominent features and specifications of the handheld device and also its advantages that further prove to be beneficial for the users.

Beyondsky Eyemind Gimbal Review, Specifications

The essential features of the Beyondsky Eyemind Gimbal that worth the presence of the advanced gadget as a beneficial accessory of the smartphones in the industry are as follows:

  • Design: The Gimbal has an ergonomic design with a detachable handle which is comfortable to handle and is simple in operation. The device has a face tracking panorama function which is more convenient for use. It consists of a button, which is when pressed quickly enters the lock mode and resets the gimbal.
  • Compatibility: The Beyondsky Eyemind Intelligent Handheld Gimbal is compatible with the smartphones of width 4 to 6 inches. It has Bluetooth and APP control mode in which the user has the provision to download the APP from the APP store.
  • Battery Service: The device supports the super long working hours of 8 hours with 3.7V and 2600mAh capacity of the built-in battery. The device supports the charging time of 1.5 hours.
  • Vison: Beyondsky Eyemind moves smoothly with a broad vision and is powered by advanced FOC drive algorithm that is integrated with a high-precision gyroscope and magnetic coded dual sensor, thus giving the user steady and smooth motion pictures which are made by smartphones.

Functions of Beyondsky Eyemind Gimbal

The active functional features of the handheld device that make it a mobile accessory of the smartphones are as follows:

  • The Gimbal possesses the functions of dynamic tracking, portrait mode, panoramas click mode, and time-lapse.
  • The advanced technology of the device is enhanced by the intelligent selfie mode which is based on face recognition and object tracking technologies.
  • The sweet-heart mode of the Eyemind device locks the face instantly and shoots pictures automatically, thus working well the same in dual, individual, and multiplayer scenes. It is a must-have device for the selfie lovers and the team players.
  • The active tracking function of the Eyemind device automatically recognizes the subjects, captures and follows them as they move, thus making it easier to get the complex
  • With capture time function of the device, it can record incredible moments with the time-lapse shots, in which the time is passing secretly get saved in the memory of the user forever to cherish.
  • With the function of Panorama mode in the device, the user can discover a world of fantasy. The device’s automatic Panoramas mode makes the shooting both 180○ and 360○ panoramas easier than ever.
  • Holding the smartphone in its grip, the gimbal rotates by capturing the images as it goes while staying completely.
  • The other dominant feature of the handheld integrated gimbal is the video recording which is as easy as taking pictures by operating with a single hand. With the help of one key, the user can enter the portrait mode, and more functions can be discovered within its lightweight body.

Advantages of Beyondsky Eyemind Gimbal

The positions of the Beyondsky Eyemind Intelligent Handheld Gimbal that further prove to be beneficial for the users of the device are as follows:

  • It benefits in video recording which is as easy as taking pictures by operating with a single hand.
  • It provides the function of panorama mode to the user that makes the shooting both 180○ and 360○ panoramas easier than ever.
  • Along with the capture time function, it benefits the user in capturing the time passing secretly that get saved in the memory of the user.
  • The device provides the advantage of capturing the complex shots very quickly.
  • It also provides a firm grip to hold the smartphones of the user and handle all the functions of the device with the help of a single button.
  • It benefits the user in providing excellent picture quality for the selfie lovers.

Conclusive Review

The Beyondsky Eyemind Intelligent Handheld Gimbal is one of the best reviewed Gimbal in the Gearbest website which is available at a reasonable rate in Gearbest. It has received excellent reviews from the customers for the useful functionalities and features of the device. It is considered one of the highly featured smartphone accessories that can be handled conveniently with the single press of a button.