Applications like Xander have made sharing files so easy that you just can’t imagine using any other app. But now since the Indian Government has banned Xander, you must be searching for Xander alternatives for Android, right?

You landed on the right address because this route leads to the best app options for sharing files other than Xander.

For those of you thinking there are no other applications worthy to match Xander’s impact, you should check out this list to see for yourself that Play Store is full of options.
Let’s get into the drive and explore the best Xander Alternatives we have sorted out for you.

Best Xander Alternatives for Android

Here are the best clean alternatives for Xander for your consideration with easy navigation and functional interface.


Zapya makes up another great alternative to Xander because of its quick sharing and transferring files across different platforms. It is free and offers file sharing from a lot of devices like – iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Windows phones, PC, and more.

This app features a search bar to help you search and find the files to transfer in a snap.
Zapya also supports file sharing without the use of WiFi or mobile data along with sharing, multiple files at once.

Show your QR code, send files to nearby friends, shake to connect or you can even create a group for sharing data.

Not only that but the application is easy to use, absolutely free, and comes in 20 language types making it our No.1 pick.

Files by Google

Being a product of Google, you can be sure that the application must be a classic one. Files by Google is a comprehensive and fast application capable of performing multiple tasks.
This “File Manager” detects all the hidden unnecessary mess like unused APKs, duplicate files, rarely opened media files, etc. that your device is suffering from. You can then clear up your space and boost the performance of the phone. Also, the app gives you handy suggestions regarding files to remove before you run out of space.
The sharing mechanism is the regular one with both devices having the app open and receiver approving the connection.

Files by Google supports all types of files – videos, apps, pictures, documents, and more.
Also, offline sharing has been introduced to save you from the headache of searching for the internet while sharing files.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

This app allows sharing of any file whether doc, music, video, audio, application, and many more from one device to another at ease.

You don’t even need wifi or mobile data to share the files which makes it quite handy. However, you would be required to have a one-time 6-digit key to complete the transfer.
By using Send anywhere, files can be shared with multiple people at the same time using a common link.This works best when you have to share heavy files and you can’t manage to use the internet or find WiFi.

And as far as privacy is concerned, there’s nothing to worry about as your data is protected by the 256-bit file encryption protocol.


InShare has almost the same interface as that of Xender but at a better speed. You just select the respective video, audio, image, document, apps, e-books, or anything you wish to share.

It also supports multiple file sharing and larger file sharing at an impressive speed which reaches up to 40 Mbps.

Similar to the above-mentioned apps, InShare also supports file transfer without WiFi or mobile data to enable file transfer offline.

A total of 30 languages are supported and the user-friendly interface makes your job all the easier.


SHAREall is another app that steps in Xender’s boots perfectly. It has a total of 10 million+ downloads globally and is capable of sharing videos, movies, images, apps, and more even when the device is not connected to the internet.

The transfers are password-protected to ensure proper safety and can even help you sort out the junk files from your device.

The best part is that you can share even if you are on a call.


Jio is everywhere. This file-sharing app by Jio is extremely easy to use and supports a wide range of files to transfer.

From audio to video and from document to apps, you can share everything using JioSwitch. There is no limit on the file size that you can transfer.

Works even without the internet and is almost 100 times faster than Bluetooth. And with JioSwitch, you can transfer data between different Android and iOS too.


Superbeam claims to be the fastest and most secure application to transfer files with the help of WiFi Direct.

This app offers convenience and speed in file transfers but is quite a bit loaded with ads. The interface is intuitive and clean. Also, it has different themes inside the app and is capable of sharing entire folders like Shareit.

You can share data from Android to other devices like iOS, Mac or PC.
A Connection can be established using QR code, NFC, or with a manual sharing key. ,

Z Share

This application has recently come up in response to the banning of foreign apps in India. Developed by a 21-year old BCA student Sharavan Hegde, this app has been projected as the perfect replacement of Xender.

Using Z share, you can easily share files like – images, videos, apps, audios, documents, and more in a seamless manner.

This app is free and can transfer data without the need for WiFi and mobile data through a peer-to-peer connection using WLAN.

Though it has been launched recently, it has shown amazing results as it has reached a rating of 4.7 on the play store with users claiming that Z share offers quicker transfer than Xender.


Now that apps like Xender are no more, these best Xender alternatives step-in as the perfect candidates to fill in its shoes. They are free and support heavy file transfers along with a clean and crisp interface. However, Xender was one of the most comprehensive and convenient apps in its domain. But you try and test these apps, one of them will surely fit your requirements.

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