The phrase “webinar” is the combined terms “web” and “seminar.” The word describes the internet transmission of video seminars, lectures, or similar content. 

A webinar is interactive, as opposed to a webinar where the material is provided on request and only sent in one direction. It consequently enables two-way conversation between the organizer and the other participants.

Here we have listed out the 10 Best Webinar platforms based on our research.

1) Demio

Demio is a hassle-free marketing webinar platform. Every live webinar session for users is immediately recorded. We’re never going to forget to record that way. Love to simply construct a good-looking landing page; send automated reminders with a personalized message; link with Mailchimp (if the registrar approves, probably 50/50); it is nice that our socially concerned community can’t switch on your camera by accident.

A wonderful feature in the webinar chatbox is the option to exchange handouts.

Demio updates its product often and shares its roadmap. It is easy to use, reliable, and with excellent no-show notification features. It’s really great usability. Everyone and their grandmother could utilize the platform backend.

2) Zoom

Zoom’s safe and dependable video platform provides the capacity to meet, chat, telephone, and webinars and online events for all your communication needs.

Zoom is a cloud-based video conference service you can use to meet almost anybody – through video, audio, or both.

You typically hear the following words when people discuss zoom. A-Zoom Meeting refers to video conferencing. These meetings can be connected by a webcam or telephone. A-Zoom room is, meanwhile, an installation of real gear that enables organizations from their conference rooms to plan and launch Zoom Meetings.

In addition, zoom rooms demand an extra membership and are perfect for large organizations.

3) WebEx

WebEx is a program that enables users to host or participate in video, internet, and screen sharing conferences with up to 1,000 people permitted to join in a virtual meeting room.

The WebEx desktop, browser, and mobile apps allow you to attend meetings in several ways.

The desktop program may be downloaded without the need to visit the website and can be used for the meeting.

4) Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an app that allows you to meet more effectively online and to reduce travel expenses. It is meant for enterprises with many teams in various locations to work closely and in real-time.

With its built-in audio conference, you may share your desktop and meet customers in person. Show your product without leaving your workplace worldwide. Show your product. During product demonstrations, you may also shift control to consumers.

Zoho Meetings also works simultaneously with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. You may also utilize it using IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

5) EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is an online webinar program that helps organizations, particularly specialists, writers, consultants, and service providers to arrange online meetings, remote conferences, training, and marketing.

 In the realm of education and the non-profit sector, easy webinar are also available. Video marketing software may be utilized to create consumers through interactive training as the backbone of your business.

EasyWebinar is the only webinar that blends webinar technology with marketing strategy. The program is robust for marketing by many features.

For example, you may automatically insert your e-mail marketing campaign in the contact information of individuals who register for the webinar. The best thing about this function is that you may pick a moderator for one of the participants. You only have to follow the link in the living room to be a moderator.

6) On24

ON24 provides flexible and interactive webcasting solutions focusing on customized platforms and information collection. It supports all webcast levels and formats, starting with first-tier videos generated by webcam, and complete webcasts.

In the analytical field, ON24 offers the following data, particularly for name production and well-tracked leads: demographic information, statistics on audience participation, and benchmark data for webinars. This software is being utilized by companies such as SAP, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Merck, EY, HubSpot, Macquarie, Macquarie, RSM, Marriott, and AdRoll, but also by over 1.200 world-famous brands.

7) Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a unified communication service that allows participants to engage in, one-on-one or group text, voice, or video conversations. Google+ and Gmail incorporate hang guts, and on iOS and Android devices mobile Hangouts apps are available.

Google Hangouts may also provide business customers with a helpful and cost-effective cooperation platform. Hangout now includes the opportunity to stream videos live on YouTube, dubbed Google Hangouts in Air. As a free tool for organizations to hold online seminars and speaking events, Hangouts on Air has gained momentum.

8) LiveWebinar is a webinar based on a cloud that supports the management of webinars and Online meetings by small groups and companies. It makes online events for your audience easy for any sales, HR, or marketing staff. Its features include live streaming, presentation, and screen sharing, as well as customizable branding options for users, surveys, and polling as well as call-to-action elements. LiveWebinar also allows companies to assess the involvement of audiences.

9) BigMarker

BigMarker is the most personalized hybrid event, virtual event, and website platform in the world, combining strong video technology with strong marketing and interactive experience to create one-of-a-kind branded events online.

Worldwide, companies utilize the all-in-one platform from BigMarker to produce virtual, hybrid, and webinar events that are immersive and engaging. BigMarker also offers connectors, APIs, and white label services that enable organizations in their markets, sales, and learning stacks to incorporate sophisticated interactive video experiences. 

10) Intermedia AnyMeeting

Any Meetings are an award-winning, comprehensive web-based, online, video-conference, and webinar solution for small businesses developed and priced. Our straightforward and easy-to-use experience is available on desktops and mobile devices to enable you to connect anywhere, anytime, reliably and stress-free. 


If you look at this from one perspective, webinars do not differ from conventional face-to-face seminars in any way: Both formats provide an excellent framework to share instructional content within a very short time with a big number of people. In the following areas also the online presenting format shows its strengths:

  • Product presentation
  • Meetings of press conferences
  • Multiple individuals online interviews
  • Training in software

Hope this article on the 10 Best Webinar platforms would help you.