Best Ways to Protect Inbox From Spam In 2021

Magnifying glass showing a spam folder in the mailbox on the monitor screen.

It is difficult to protect yourself from spammers who want to steal information from your email account. You can register on the website and leave your mail or subscribe to the newsletter. In any case, your email address will be publicly available. The appearance of unwanted emails is just a matter of time. Don’t panic, because anyone can and should fight spam. You need to do your best to prevent spammers from your email address verification.

What is spam to you? There are many definitions of this concept and everyone decides for himself whether this letter is important or not, whether it came on purpose or is it an element of an attack on your mail:

  • commercial offers to purchase something;
  • letters from unknown addresses, regardless of content;
  • malicious attacks, etc.

In theory, you can just unsubscribe from emails and annoying news and forget about spam. Alternatively, create a universal filter and configure it to work correctly according to your needs. However, this is only a theory, in practice it is quite difficult to cope with spam using such methods. For example, there are services that continue to send letters, even if you unsubscribe from them. Unsubscribe links exist, but they don’t work or lead to the wrong place. Forwarding letters is often used and it is difficult to find a real sender to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

So let’s talk about some unusual methods of fighting spam:


  • New email address for one time. The essence of the method comes down to using a specific email address only once for a specific action. For example, to register on a resource or test a service. After that, forget about this address and create a new one for another operation. You do not have to worry about these addresses, postal services will simply cancel them after a certain period of time. This method allows you to keep your permanent email address unknown to spammers. It is especially convenient when it is impossible to register or perform a certain action on the service without an email address.


  • Additional email addresses. An additional or temporary email address can be used by you repeatedly, exclusively for cases of registration in various resources. Such an address remains active and is used by you, it is not blocked by the postal service as abandoned. For example, if you need to receive a message, you leave an additional address and check your mail at the right time. Even if such an address is received by spammers, it is not scary, because this is an additional mail that is used only in one-time situations, for registration or password recovery.


  • Use special labels. If you are attacked by spammers, filters fail and your mail is overwhelmed with unnecessary messages, use another place to collect important emails. The essence of this method is based on the fact that spammers try to deliver the message to the inbox. Leave it to the hackers, and create another for yourself. You can configure the filtering of incoming mail in such a way that the necessary mail marked with special labels will be placed in the created directory. If your mail is the only and main one, then this method allows you to communicate normally, without paying attention to spam that makes its way through standard filters. In the case when this address is rarely used to solve certain problems, then this method is more than enough.