VPNs are virtual private networks that help people secure their online privacy. If you belong to the part of ones who believe they have nothing to hide and a regular antivirus is enough for their computer – there are some bad news for you. Yes you heard the right, not all the VPN are that much secured as you think. They do keep the track of your information but how they do it, let’s take a look at the factors which affect that.


Internet provider watches our every step. No matter what we do online – they receive our logs and detailed browser history. Every step we take is recorded, and anyone can get access to it after some efforts. Needless to say, one can prevent this leak with one of these https://www.bestvpnrating.com/vpnrating/best-vpns-india proven online services.


Another threat is hackers and their wily software that is capable of getting even deeper. These guys get access to our logins and passwords. No matter how many security levels websites we use have – that is not a problem for virtual criminals.
Those who tend to shop online or use popular banking apps can say goodbye to their funds. If that has not happened to you yet – you might be their next victim.


These people want access to your social networks. That is enough for deceiving your friends. The more you have – the better. Scammers can start asking for financial help creating some incredible stories from your name.

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To stop these threats users are recommended to get their VPN applications installed and launched. This technology requires no additional skills or complicated settings. Just choose your plan, get a distributive pack, install it and press ‘connect’.
Most of VPN providers offer dozens of various servers so that we could change our geo-location virtually. This useful feature lets users get access to blocked content.

How do VPN works?

This software is quite simple in use. Although most of such apps have the pretty similar algorithm they might differ in additional functions. Such systems leave users in isolated tunnels. It makes their computers absolutely invisible.
As soon as PC turns on – it reaches virtual servers instead of direct link online. This option changes IP address to dynamic one which changes for every session.

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best vpn for india

It also prevents any logs from saving. Even your Internet provider will have no chance on tracking your moves. No other app or device can detect your logins or passwords. Even when chatting with friends – all messages stay encrypted till the moment they reach the addressee.
Users feel like being locked in a virtual tunnel that protects them from inner influence. This is what complete safety looks like nowadays.

Public Wi-Fi

The biggest danger is caused by public networks. They are not secured and there is no warrantee that no third person can plug in for tracking steps you take online. Although there are mobile VPN apps that take little space and solve that problem once and forever.

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