There are so many Vpn Extensions in the Chrome web store, but choosing one of them is a difficult task. So, if you are looking for the Best VPN extension for Google Chrome then you’re at the right place. We will provide you the list of Best VPN Extension for the Google Chrome. A Vpn is basically for use to unlock website, Apps, and content for a safer browsing experience by changing your IP Address.



Virtual private network is becoming popular because they have hundred of users, from the companies or organizations which provide the functionality to their work from home employees or for the regular internet users who want to geo-blocking restriction. Recently, Opera is decided to offer the free Vpn for their users. If you are the Chrome users, then probably you want something similar for use within your favorite browser. There is a lot of paid Vpn option is available, but there are also some really good ones and especially for the Chrome users.

VPN is really a very useful service and we are here to provide the best Vpn Extension for the Google Chrome. The advantage of using the VPN services directly in chrome to overcome the technical hurdles are faced while configuring the VPN clients.

Here is the list of Best Vpn extension for Google Chrome:

  1. Dot VPN

Dot VPN has been around since 2014 and now starting to gain the serious attraction. Dot Vpn is the best extension for unblocking any blocked website by changing your IP location by just one click and encrypt your browser traffic and protect your important information by changing the IP address. Dot VPN is providing the 12 different countries IP address which is awesome to change your country address. Dot VPN has more than 5lakh users according to the Chrome Web Store.


Features of Dot VPN are:-

  • Access to all the websites
  • High-speed connection without connection dropping
  • Change of location
  • 12 virtual locations
  • Safety when accessing public WiFi points
  1. Zenmate VPN

Zenmate is most popular VPN Extension for the Google Chrome and also for the other devices like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It helps to easily hide your private IP address and access the blocked website for the different location. Zenmate is providing 5 different IP address for the location like the United states, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Zenmate has also won the Europas Award for the best virtual private security in 2014. The Zenmate is broken into three parts- internet privacy, WiFi security, and unrestricted internet access.

Zenmate VPN

Features of Zenmate VPN are:

  • Protect and Encrypt your browser traffic
  • Access any website from anywhere
  • It also provides speed, data compression, Encryption and block harmful sites.
  • Hides your real location and activity
  1. Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is one of the leading names when it comes to the VPN service provider and especially it is a free VPN Service provider. Cyber Ghost VPN is another provider which makes the privacy and security its main selling point rather than the geo-blocking. Cyber Ghost is only given 2 country IP location. Those 2 countries are United states and Germany. According to the website their service is responsible for blocking nearly 150 million advertise, 2,10,000 malicious websites and 260 million tracking attempts.


Features of Cyber Ghost are:

  • Anonymous browsing
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Worldwide geo-blocking
  • Data is compressed for mobile hot spots
  • Ease of use
  1. Browsec VPN

Browsec VPN claims as an advanced analog of Zenmate, Hola, frigate and Stealthy. The main benefit of Browsec that they are letting their users from any sites and from anywhere, enhance the user privacy online and protect the user data from the sniffers and the trackers. They make a big push on the geo- blocking, but rather than focus on opening the content from the different countries. Browsec VPN mentions the services like Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud and some these are completely blocked in the certain regions. Browsec encrypts the traffic and routes through the Browsec secure cloud network.

Browsec VPN

Features of Browsec VPN are:

  • It hides your location from the site you visit.
  • It is speedier in the comparison of other Extension
  1. Gom VPN

Gom is run in the different browser and in the different mobile devices like Google Chrome, IOS, Firefox Android on the same account without any issue and without any extra charges which is easily enable on Gom VPN by just pressing the Gom button which is available on the upper right corner on the Google chrome Gom extension which allow the users to access the block apps content and block websites. It does not require any 3rd party application for the VPN services, except the Google chrome extension.


Features of Gom VPN are:

  • No need for network configuration
  • Access the blocked content
  • Enjoy the faster page load time
  • Surf privately with encryption


We have provided you the 5 Best VPN Extension For Google Chrome. These VPNs has lots of benefits for the end users. It can help to improve your privacy, but it also allowing you to navigate the sites such as The Pirate Bay, which the certain browser intentionally deemed to be malicious. You also need to be alert as for how to operate these VPNs.

I hope this information is relevant for you to understand these VPN. These are the best VPN services among we have tested. Still, you have any query then comment on the comment box which is available on the last on the page.

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