If you’re finding a solution for voice recording, then this is the right place. People might spend bucks on microphones to record their audio for video editing or podcasts.

But that’s not necessary now, smartphones of this generation are capable enough to provide a decent audio quality through the advancement in hardware and software department.

And if you have an iPhone, you really don’t need any external mic system for sure (as iPhone mics are generally better than android ones).

But native inbuilt recorder of iPhone is not that functional and customizable. You can download much more featureful voice recording apps from Apple App Store for better quality.

So we’re here providing you the best Audio Recording apps for iPhone you should use. So let’s jump into it.

Best Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone

Like its name, AVR is an awesome recorder app with nice gimmicky UI with light and dark mode and loads of editing options.

Just like Rev, you can record audio in the background, Mono/Stereo modes, phone call pause, and resume after the call. It also supports Bluetooth devices to make work more convenient.

A lot of saving options including iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SoundCloud, Airdrop, and file can be shared with other apps by choosing the “Open in” option.

It is the highest-rated App Store voice recorder in this list that’s why it’s #1 among all.

Lexis is one of the best voice recording apps you can find at the App Store. It is really easy to use for both recording and editing the input recorded.

With a great rating of 4.6 and positive reviews on App Store, It came up as a strong contender from basic features like Cut/Copy/Paste, trimming, noise reduction, etc. to extra features like multiple files mixing, Equalizer & Compressor, Change speed, tempo and pitch, and much more.

So if you want to produce great quality audio for podcasts or something else, Lexis is the best choice for you.

Another great voice recording application in this list is ShurePlus. It is a recorder that lets you create high definition WAV audio projects with the in-built microphone of your iPhone.

Features like presets, Compressor & Limiter, High-resolution monitoring, etc. Also, you can save audio files in ALAC, AAC 96, 128, and 256 compressed formats and share via text messages, Airdrop, iTunes, Dropbox, and Email too.

So it is a complete package to be a mini voice studio on your phone to save time, money, and efforts.

Rev is a fully functional feature-packed audio recording app through which, you can create awesome voice notes and projects for your work or personal use.

Apart from all the basic recorder features of trimming, copy/paste, etc. It provides additional powerful features like background recording using other apps or at sleep, auto-pause for calls, and much more.

You can use it for meetings, classes, interviews, or any place you want. Most people like it for its transcription features.

This is the ultimate champion application in the field of voice recording and editing. The Voice Recorder Pro application is an allrounder app for all your recording through phone needs.

You can both import and export files from OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, and Box Cloud. You can export the final version of the file straight to SoundCloud too.

It facilitates syncing ability so that you can upload and download audio files from your PC.

Apart from the basic voice recorder functions we discussed in other recording apps, it can boost the audio, change speed and volume, and do a transcription of the full audio without any limit.

If your needs are different and you want a multiple record app, the Multi-Track Song Recorder app is for you. It allows recording 4 tracks at the same time and merging them to make a perfect final output sound as per your choice.

It got options for loops to bring perfection while recording and a lot of editing options to make it even better.

After the required edits, you can simply save your songs through Dropbox, Email, text, or iTunes. It is suitable for music lovers who want to record easy tracks on their mobile. 

Along with all the general audio editing and recording features like trimming, convert, normalizing, etc. AudioShare provides really cool other unique features to you.

You can record audio from other apps so you can actually make music on your phone by just using audios recorded through AudioShare.

It records in 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k, and 8k sample rates with 16, 24, and 32-bit files. So if you’re really into music, this is a very handy app for you.

It is such a burden taking notes in class. Sometimes the lecturer speaks fast or you didn’t understand the topic just due to taking notes. But there’s a solution for that.

AudioNote2 app lets you transcribe the voice you record. So next time, you can record the teacher’s voice and this app will create a notebook format of all the lectures which you can save on iCloud or Dropbox.

You can add bullet points, diagrams, handwritten texts, photos, colors, symbols, etc.

Anchor is an app mainly focused on podcasts. It gives options for recording podcasts, adding nice background sounds, and trimming sounds to improve content.

The best thing about Anchor is you can remotely record with multiple people live at the same time. You can manage your episodes and sort them accordingly.

Episodes created on this can also be scheduled for the specific time you want. Moreover, the podcast will be distributed to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you like to create funny sounds and share them with your friends, the Voice Changer App is perfect for you. It lets you record your voice an turn that into different audio modes of funny, horror, creepy, alien, etc.

You can send this changed version of your voice to your friends and loved ones or can use it in youtube videos too.

It lets you save the final audio within the app so that you can make changes to it anytime you want.


These are the best voice recording apps for iPhone you can find on App Store right now. We reviewed all of them according to their features, unique abilities, suitability, and ratings.

Some people need a voice recorder app for transcriptions, some for podcasts, and some for music-making. So you can choose your suitable one according to specific requirements. Till then keep your voice high and loud.

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