Internet is what everybody needs in today’s date for promoting their advertisements, products, news, information and many more things. There are many different video monetization platform but here in this article, I am going to list down top 12 Best Video Monetization Platform.


What is Video Monetization?

Monetization means the advisers who are willing to upload their videos on different platforms and want customers to watch their videos, they have to pay some amount to the site on which they are uploading the videos. For example, if someone is the uploading video on youtube, youtube will charge some fees from the advisers for getting views on their respective videos.

Not only youtube, but there are many sites which perform the similar tasks in order to promote the advertisement of their customers.

Why Prefer Video Monetization Platforms?

“Quality” is one of the important things which everyone requires.  So the only uploading video is not necessary but it is mandatory that it should be of good quality. So basically, the advisers prefer different monetization platforms for publishing their videos.

Ways To Do Video Monetization?

Not only through publishing, there are many different ways through which you can get customers who view your advertisements through your published videos. Let us look at some of the ways through which you can get benefits.

  • Selling your advertisements is a great way to perform.
  • Physical sales or pay-per-view (PPV) through which users have to pay for viewing the content provided by you.
  • Through sponsorships.
  • Using different monetization platforms.

Now let us look at the Top 10 Best Video Monetization Platforms.

1. Ooyala


Ooyala is considered to be one of the Best Video Monetization Platforms which advertisers prefer for publishing their videos for more views. Ooyala also contains some video analytics tool which is used to keep the records of views.

Ooyala offers some basic through which you can do video monetization, the following steps are :

  • Earning profit with different advertisements.
  • Most popular assets are chargeable.
  • Using different devices like mobile.
  • Through subscriptions.

2. SpotX


SpotX is considered as a globally head video monetization platform which provides advertisers, video advertising platform for publishing their respective videos. SpotX is considered as a supply-side platform. It connects with different publishers for having different sources like trading desks, agencies, etc.

3. Brightcove


Well known as one of the tops and leading online video monetization platform which is designed as an online marketing strategy which is its base.

4. Wochit


Wochit uses the native video library for publishing the videos created by the publishers. Publishers can get the attention of Newsrooms, editorial teams, social media editors and many other media members if they are using wochit.

5. LiveRail


One of the best platform for broadcasters, publishers and smartphone application developers because LiveRail provides them the technology of selling their inventory in smart ways which are also safe.

6. Kaltura


It provides the users a proper control upon in which ways they want or require to monetize their content and videos. It delivers the advertisers video all across the world including different media companies, service providers, educational institutes and many more things.

7. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is one of the famous video monetization platform used by publishers, advertisers for publishing their videos. Dailymotion is a well-known platform all over the world so it’s very easy as well as beneficial to use this platform.

Dailymotion is also considered as “French Analogue” of Youtube where you can       share, upload and watch videos too.

8. Matomy Media Group 


Matomy Media Group is a great monetization platform which runs your content with different ads and also allows provides you the video content also. Many famous and leading international brands across the globe works and the team members are always providing a helping hand when their customers need to customize the plan for websites.

9. HaxHax


HaxHax is considered as one the most powerful video monetization platform because they serves their customers the best and complete premium inventory and it consists of more than 40 content channels to publish.

10. Youtube


Who doesn’t know about youtube? You can share, upload and watch videos whenever you want and in any quality as per your requirement.

So listed above are some of the best video monetization platforms which publishers and advertisers look for. They can easily publish their videos on these platforms and can get as many views as you want to pay them the specified charges.