Vaping nowadays is not something strange and news as it used to be. This is mainstream and a must. Being a vaper is almost equal to being trendy, stylish, fashionable, and popular. However, not all people share this opinion. So, who vapes the most and what are the reasons for such popularity of vapourising devices?

Before receiving the answer to this question, think of all the people you see vaping in the streets, or at least where they are allowed to vape. What age are they? Young. That is the right answer. That is the tendency. Young people vape more than middle-aged. That is because youth follows the trends easier and is open to novelties. They are “easy prey” for advertising and marketing as well.

Not only youth that is legally allowed to vape, but also high-schoolers and middle-schoolers are into vaping. Vaping makes them interested and provides them reasons to convince parents to allow them to vape. Some use the common stereotype about “safer alternative to smoking”, some delude with the status among peers. In fact, modern teens manipulate their parents skilfully. The third factor that makes teens and youth prone to vaping culture is that they tend to follow bloggers, Instagrammers, and copycat celebrities, many of which promote vapes and related stuff.

One of the main reasons that people want to start vaping is to give them a nicotine (or other substance) boost, or, simply saying, a high. There are several types of products that are offered, such as an e-cigarette, herbal vaporizer, nicotine salts, e-liquid vaporizer Some people use vapes because they want to give up smoking and truly believe that would help. Others were using dry herb vaporizer for medical purposes and, after being cured, started vaping the usual ones. So many men, so many reasons.

The choice of vape might be rather difficult. The first problem that might appear is the choice of vape type. Some people doubt whether it is better to smoke usual or e-cigs. One of the main differences between their e-cigs and regular cigarettes is that they have to burn wood to produce vapor and do not contain nicotine. Some vapers prefer to vape these types of vapes with or without nicotine, while others just cannot stand the taste, no matter how mild it is. For some people, the price might be a problem. Because not everybody could afford the best vaporizer new.

We have analyzed the market and came up with a Top 3 List of vaporizers under $30 to buy in case you live on a shoestring.

#1. VaporFi VAIO MINI Vape Starter Kit

To begin with, we have chosen a kit for beginners. This means that if you are going to start vaping and is not quite sure whether you would like it or not and want just to try what it is being a vaper – this tiny thing is for you. The main benefits are compactability, personalization, and cheap price!

Mini size means that you would easily put it into your palm; you would easily carry it in your pocket; you would easily put it into the smallest purse.

A wide range of colors will provide you the possibility to look uniquely, either ir is passionate red, or flirting rosy, or elegant violet. Sub-ohm tank produces atomizer resistance of 1.0 ohms, voltage output ranges from 3.7 volts. Mouthpiece and base are removable.

The price is fantastic as well, only $27 and you get a vaporizer itself, atomizer base, two 1.0 Ohm atomizers, one mouthpiece, micro USB, and the manual.

VaporFi VAIO MINI Vape Starter Kit has everything to please you and help in starting a new, joyful hobby.

#2. Perkey LOV Pod Device Kit

The second recommendation is the cutest one, believe me. This might fit for anyone, but its raisin is that it might be a perfect present for a vaping couple. Have you already chosen what to buy for your couple for Christmas? If no, this vaporizer would be a perfect choice. Talking about its benefits, they are quite evident – design, affordability, and multiuse.

The design allows you to use it both as a pen or as a heart. It looks dreamy and romantic, so it can attract the girl you like, and it also perfectly fits for making photos for your Instagram account.

Despite the small size, it is a powerful baby. The resistance is 1.6 Ohm, the wattage output – 10 W and the voltage output – 3.7 V. The capacity of the refillable pod is 1.6 mL. The device is sold in seven colors, so choose your favorite one.

The budget is friendly. The system costs $9.95, and it is possible to find them on sales in the pre-holiday period. This is an example of an affordable vape of high quality.

#3. Yocan Evolve-D Vaporizer

This device is in some way different from the vaporizers above because it is not a usual pen, but a herb vaporizer. This means that you can vape herbs, including marijuana with it. The vaporizer is user-friendly and might be called the entry-level device. So, is you are eager to try herbs, this is the best dry herb vaporizer for a start. The benefits of this one are being compact, powerful, and simple.

The pen is easy to carry in your hand. It is also easy to use, as you receive special brush, two atomizers, 650 mAh battery and USB cable with the device itself.

It is designed in four pleasant colors: black, blue, orange, and yellow. The look is pleasant and stylish.

The price is $29.99, but you usually receive a free grinder as a present. So, you can quickly grind up thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, or any other herb you use to relax.

To sum up, these vaporizers are not the only to be bought, you can google a bit and find any others with the affordable price and proper characteristics. Do not limit yourself to these only, but remember that vaporizer does not need to cost an arm and a leg to be good and effective. Hope you would find the best device for you!