The advent of time tracking app has brought up a positive change in the working environment of the corporate sector. It proved to be beneficial both for the management and as well as the employees in improving the efficiency of the employees and the work culture of the organization.

Several types of time tracking app have been introduced in the market, with different kinds of features for tracking time and those proved to be quite productive for the organizations and as well advantageous for the employees. Here we listed the best time tracking apps for Android and iOS.

1. HoursTracker 

This time tracking app helps in tracking the accurate work time. The employees with a busy schedule can easily do their entries in this app instead of manual entry. This app helps in tracking the employee hours and earnings, business expenses, breaks, and payment periods. It has a user-friendly interface thus allowing the employees to clock in and clock out instantly. It can automatically track hours based on their arrival at the job location or leaving their job location.

For Android Users
[appbox googleplay id=com.cribasoft.HoursTrackerFree.Android&hl=en]

For iOS Users
[appbox appstore id= 336456412?mt=8]

2. Toggl

This time tracking app is compatible with the iOS device and can also be run on the personal computer. The iOS version of the Toggle app is considered one of the best apps for tracking employee hours. It is quite convenient to use for the users and can be connected with various tools for increasing productivity. Apart from its excellent performance in tracking accurate time, it also provides amazing detailed reports. By enabling the app’s widget, the user can start and stop time entries with a simple click on the icon.

For Android Users
[appbox googleplay id=com.toggl.giskard]

For iOS Users
[appbox appstore id= 1291898086?mt=8]

3. ezClocker

This highly rated and easy to use time tracking app offers time tracking and employee scheduling through mobile, web, and kiosk apps. Employees can use ezClocker iOS or Android apps to clock in or out, view their schedule, and total hours worked. Employers use ezClocker to view timesheets, create schedules, view overtime and export time entries to process payroll.  The app also has support for GPS location where you can verify employees clocked in at the correct location.

4. Hubstaff

This time tracker is platform independent as it is compatible with iOS devices, Android platform, and even desktop. This app includes online timesheets, and project management tools large corporations and small businesses. While keeping track of the work hours with the Hubstaff app, the management would be able to understand exactly at what project the team is working on and where the project is at any point in time. For more in-depth productivity tracking, it even includes optional randomized screenshots and activity levels. In this way, the management team can always be updated with the latest developments of the project.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id=com.netsoft.Hubstaff]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 971894122?mt=8]

5. Timely

It is a timecard app having a different approach towards time tracking. The primary feature of the app is the unique calendar integration. For the presence of this feature, the app can work both as a time tracker as well as a calendar for the employees of an organization. With this app, the employees can plan their projects in advance and then can start their time clock app accordingly.  All the projects can be tracked conveniently using this timesheet app for the iOS platform.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id= com.timeapp.devlpmp]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 619462420?mt=8]

6. TimeWerks Pro Billing

This app is used for tracking the employee hours that need to be set up before using it. With this app, it is required to first create profiles for all the employees and adjust their projects and then the time can be entered manually later on or through the running timer. It does not provide a much detailed report to the management team. It offers a cloud-based backup service for storing the data and can easily restore the data with a single tap.

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 708114893?mt=8]

7. Qlaqs TimeSheet Pro

This is the advanced version of the time tracking app which is compatible with the iOS platform and with the help of this app the user can track tasks, employees, and projects. In addition to this feature, the user can strictly determine each of the project’s rates and tasks. It can display multiple timers in one screen for the different projects. The user can download timesheet from this app for records in the PDF format. It also includes the provision for unlimited projects, tasks, and time entries.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay]

8. Hours

It is considered one of the best apps in time tracking through mobile. The few main features of this app include the visual timeline, smart reminders, and detailed reports. Similar to the Toggl app, it also has a widget that lets the employees keep track of their regular work with a single click. It is compatible with the iOS platform.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id=com.jsorensen.hours&hl=en]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 895933956?mt=8]

9. TSheets

This is an exclusively designed app that offers work time tracking through a mobile, web, and time clock kiosk. The other key components of this app are GPS location tracking and Shift Scheduling. According to the functionality, the mobile team can clock in from this iOS app, then start their route, and clock out when the day is over. The acquired data is then fed into the report that the business owners and the managers can use to optimize their business and routes.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id=]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 864076487?mt=8]

10. ATracker

This time tracking app has a user-friendly interface and has several rich features. It has a widget that shows the employees everything that they have done throughout the day. The report created by ATracker can help the managers check that on which stuff the employees have spent most of the time. It has recently allowed the implemented network sync via Dropbox so that one can have regular automatic backups.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id= com.wonderapps.ATracker&hl=en_IN]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 519561306?mt=8]

11. Hours Keeper Pro

It is a well-designed time tracking app that can be easily used to track the hours worked by the employees and calculate their earnings. It is a simple time clock app that is compatible with the iOS and iPhone devices. It can display several timers on the screen at once. The user can track the time spent on the projects, and then can use that information to issue the PDF invoices. It is not as user-friendly as other apps. But the people who love unique user-interfaces might instantly feel at home.

For Android Users:
[appbox googleplay id= com.appxy.hourskeepernew&hl=en_IN]

For iOS Users:
[appbox appstore id= 559701364?mt=8]

Conclusive Review 

All the time tracking apps as discussed above are considered among the best time tracking apps. These apps are highly beneficial to the employees and the managers of an organization. It helps in increasing the productivity of the employees through its numerous features.