It always becomes an interesting topic when it comes on Videos making and editing because it is an essential requirement for every event. Nowadays, with the growing craze of high-quality video, the device is nothing if not able to record HD quality video. Most of the mobile companies are focusing on the camera and ways to improve its quality. Here, comes the use of Teleprompters which will help you to record the high quality of videos with a long list of editing features.

However, there are many Teleprompters currently available in the market for the use, but the main agenda is to choose the best among them. This is enlisting the top Teleprompters could help the users for selecting the teleprompter as per their requirement and compatibility with the device.

5 Best Teleprompter Apps for Android 

1. Simple Prompter

Simple Prompter is one of the easiest to use teleprompter available in the market. It is considered the perfect choice if you are a beginner. It has a fantastic interface as in the editor panel itself all the significant functionalities like save, delete, setting, etc. are enlisted. One of the best parts of this teleprompter is it comes at free of cost, just you need to download the application and start using.

[appbox googleplay id= com.schakib.julian.teleprompter]

2. Pixaero Teleprompter

Pixaerois counted among the best teleprompter for the Android users. It efficiently uses the content which is received from your friends and family without causing any hassle to you and your device function. For the best use of this application, the developer has integrated such facility with it, that it could be used simultaneously in the two devices. It is even faster than any other teleprompter. It could be downloaded from its website at free of cost.

[appbox googleplay id=pro.pixaero.pixaeroteleprompter]

3. Oratory

This app lets you record and edits the text very quickly. Highlighting and saving in the app itself is counts as a fantastic feature on it. The users could flawlessly control the background color, opacity and font color as per the requirement. Further, it even comes at 0 cost for the users. It even has a perplexing feature which will even reduce your eye movement on the screen. You can also add the widget on the recorded video so, you can read the text while recording the video.

[appbox googleplay id=ua.kulya.oratory&hl=en_IN]

4. SingerPro

SIngerPro is considered as one of the best music teleprompter available for the Android-based devices. It allows you to create music and as well video with your smartphone. It has a fantastic feature which allows its user to sing and use the instruments in the background all at the same time. Further, it comes at free of cost which could be easily downloadable with the help of Google Play store.

[appbox googleplay id=com.easyapps.singerpro]

5. Teleprompter Pro

This teleprompter is meant for the Android users. Regardless of being used in a mobile phone or tablet, it delivers the best quality of video to the users. It is considered the best teleprompter for speech recording in front of the camera. You can easily adjust the text size and speed with its easy to use control panel. You can also control the prompter through the Bluetooth keyboard. The app is not free, you have to pay 100 Rs to use the full features of the app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.teleprompter]

Now, let us look around the best teleprompter apps for iOS which could give you a mesmerizing experience of using a teleprompter.

5 Best Teleprompter Apps For iOS

1. Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot teleprompter is a very simple to use application which provides a wide range of facility and tools to the users for reducing their complexity on the editing part. The users could easily control the scrolling speed in the application, type and edit the scripts directly in the application, offers different types of font and size, and many more. Further, it is entirely free of cost for the iOS users.

[appbox appstore id= 1010384663]

2. GVU

The user of BIGVU can use it by directly connecting it with their social media platforms for login and sign up procedure. This teleprompter application needs an active internet from the user side for its seamless performance and functionality. You can easily upload and download the videos on your channels with the help of this application. Further, it is a freemium application which comes with a little punch of specifications in the free download like editing, background music, etc.

[appbox appstore id= 1124958568]

3. nPrompt

The nFrame Pvt develops Nprompt. Ltd only for the iOS-based users. It has a feature of the state of the art which helps in editing and flipping the text in the mobile device. The app is also a freemium application, and you can easily download it with the help of the official iOS app store. It even has access to unlimited script indicators and external displays. The App is not free and you have to pay $29.99 to use the full version of the app.

[appbox appstore id= 1277613450]

4. Prof. Hornet

It is considered amongst the best application which is diversified with the aspect of a teleprompter. This is a perfect app for events related to YouTube, keynote, wedding toasts, videos, etc. Regardless of the user’s profession, it is meant for all like student, blogger, teacher, etc. This application can even import and export the file from iCloud and Google drive. Further, it has all the facilities like font change, color change, etc. which are essential for the user.

[appbox appstore id= 1169478194]

5. Teleprompter Pro Lite

Teleprompter Pro-lite is a brilliantly developed application for the use as a teleprompter for the iOS-based mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Its functionality is as simple as any other regularly used teleprompter available in the market. It provides a very easy to use interface using which the user could easily control the features like color edit, text edit, etc. Moreover, it comes at free of cost of the downloading, but if the users want to upgrade the feature, then it is needed to improve with a premium offer.

[appbox appstore id= 578104295]


It is very common nowadays that teleprompter use is widely spreading over the world. Each of the teleprompter listed in this article is different with different specifications and interface. So, the user needs to opt the best one who gets fully compatible with their device and make full use of it.