Social media management can be complex especially if you are handling multiple accounts with different target audience’s products and services. With social media and technology, many tools can help to manage your accounts easy and comfortable. These tools are mostly streamlined and have automatic workflows making them useful.

Here are the best social media management tools


It is mostly used for scheduling social media content, measuring results and creating images. It will make it easy for you to schedule content on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google plus. It can help you increase your engagement in social media through the utilization of its GIF uploader and Pablo image editor.

For a small business looking for an easy to use management tool, it is the best option. It has a free scheduling tool that is inclusive of the built-in image editor and link shortening and tracking tool.You will have to make a payment plan for you to access the social analytics tool.



It is used for managing multiple social media channels. It is perfect for businesses that are very keen on monitoring social mentions in their businesses. It lets you schedule posts on all your significant platforms and track your business name mentions in relevant keywords and hashtags. It also allows you to access multiple streams and mentions of your brand and industry at the same time. Ithas both a free and a paid plan.


It is a useful management tool that is best for a business that has a strong social media presence and is looking to optimize management. It allows companies to make social media calendars to visualize posts and manage all its primary social media networks. It has a smart box feature that allows you to view all your messages at once. You can also use this tool to monitor keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

Sprout social also allows you to compare performance against your competitors.You can use this software to enable different members of your social media management tool team to collaborate and make it easy for them to run your accounts. It is available for a free 14 days trial and a monthly payment of 6o dollars per month.



Agorapulse is recommended for businesses that are very active on social media. It allows you to post your content on YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook from a single location. It has management tools like social inbox and social monitoring tools that make it easy for you to see messages directly meant for your business. With these tools, you can respond to these messages effectively. Its reporting tools are easy to use, and you can edit them to fit your profile.You can also export them to powerpoint presentation to share with other people. It allows a 14-day free trial and a fee of 39 dollars every month.


It is excellent for many articles and links sharing. It reuses your content in such a way that you are always posting on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Twitter or Facebook. You will need to build an online library of social updates, and it will post them for you automatically using a schedule that you already set. You can even organize your work in categories and include expiration dates.It also allows you to use the Browser extension tool that enables you to add content straight from your webpage.

With the use of all its tools, MeetEdgar creates traffic on your sites through the constant posting of your pre-prepared content without missing a deadline.You will only need to add new content so that your audience doesn’t lose interest in your work. It allows you to access a 14-day free trial and pay 49 dollars per month for its services.

Post planner

Post Planner is an excellent tool for business that does not have a consistent flow of content to post on their site. It only works for Facebook and Twitter. If you are having trouble finding content to post, this tool will give you recommendations from across the website. With the use of its recommendation engine, it will enable you to share content that attracts attention and encourages engagement.

It also has a publishing calendar that allows you to save your content and reuse the content that does well. It is very pocket-friendly at 3 dollars per month.

Likeable local

Likeable Local is a social media marketing and advertising support tool. For businesses that want a centralized social media platform with expert support for advertising and posting, Likeable Local is for you.

There is a team that helps you get started with your campaigns especially if you are new to campaigns. Its content library has 75 content categories that enable you to create posts while the scheduling calendar and message center allow you to see messages, reviews, and comments. It is compatible with your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You have to pay 359 dollars a month for its services and an extra 60 dollars ads budget.

Mav social

Mav social

Mav social is suitable for a business that struggles to get images to include in their social media posts. It has a library that has millions of images for you to choose from. It also has a tool that enables you to edit these tools to customize them to fit your brand. It also gives you the freedom to schedule and recycles content.You can also monitor your results at the real-time data dashboard to enable you to analyze your contents as well as identify your followers. It is used for Facebook advertising and has a free version and paid version of 19 dollars monthly subscription.

Final thoughts

Social media management tools will help you manage your accounts as well as help you to minimize the time you spend on social media. They will also enable you to run successful accounts. Creating successful social media accounts like Instagram is not easy but you can buy Instagram views for your video posts costs you some money. You will want to ensure they work for your business.