In this list of things which make our life smart and smooth, the smartwatch is one of those who would very easily be near the top of the list. What is the potential for a smartwatch? The answer to this question would not be a whole lot. let’s know about it in a nutshell.

A smartwatch is a touchscreen wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch. It helps us in getting our health and fitness stats, notification reminder from social media app, messages, and incoming calls. You can even control various functions of the smartphone by your smartwatch. All these are much needed in a busy world as of now.

You must be thinking that how will you going to afford such expensive things. But let me enlighten you that the competition in this niche has gifted us with some impressive smartwatches under $50 dollars. Yes, $50! This is undoubtedly an affordable price range for a product which can simplify our lives a lot. So if you are here for less budget- great smartwatches, then you are in the right place. So let’s get into our pick for ‘Top Best Smartwatch under $50’.

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5 Best Smartwatch Under $50

1. PEBBLE 2 Smartwatch
 # Cheapest Smartwatch By Pebble 

The Pebble 2 is the one the cheapest smartwatch from Pebble and that’s why it is 1st in our list. This lightweight watch has a simple design making it comfortable to wear. It provides personalized notifications and downloadable apps. You can even customize with watch faces, and this is one of its best features! It lets you know notifications with a silent vibration thus making you comfortable in social gatherings. You can even sync with apps like Jawbone, Run keeper to know about your steps and other health data (can help you improve). For golf lovers, it even syncs with Free Caddie app. It has a long-lasting battery and can be easily charged with a USB cable.Pebble 2 smartwatch reviewThe timeline is one of the personalized one letting you know of your daily schedule chronologically. You can even use it as a portable music player by playing music from iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. The display works fine under sunlight, and the watch is entirely safe under-water.

2. Martian Notifier Smartwatch

Martian Notifier is an Award winning smartwatch which has both Analog and smartwatch functionality. The watch has an appealing classic analog style and is separated by a Small OLED display. It thus deceives most of the users for a simple watch. But on proper knowledge, it has got the best notification pattern which is customizable. You can, therefore, know alerts are coming from which apps. The watch support notification from 1000 apps.martian-notifier-smartwatch reviewIt even has got an option to filter and recall notifications. In that, you can recall the notification within 5 Min after you got it, by just tapping on the display. It gives sports headlines and fitness stats though it cannot count steps. And the best part is its two battery system. So even if the smartwatch battery drains out, you can still use the analog watch which does not require charging. It can notify you when your phone goes out of your range as well.

The watch comes with an OLED 1.5” high-quality display. However, neither it cannot count steps nor is water-resistant. So you can’t use it under water. The cable provider can only charge it with them. However, the company admits it and bought other features which compensate it and remains an excellent choice.

3. Lenovo Watch 9
 #Best Hybrid Smartwatches Under $50 

The Lenovo watch 9 is a hybrid smartwatch, which is one of the best hybrid smartwatches under $50. The watch 9 has a royal, black and ergonomic design. Its outer body is mechanical with electronic integration. It is made up of sapphire mirror glass. Visibility is crystal clear even under sunlight, dark and water. It displays distance, calories, and steps and can be easily synced with your phone. It can even check your sleep quality and provide with necessary solutions and can wake you up as well as per the alarm clock. It also measures heart rate but through apps not with the watch.Lenovo Watch 9 Review

The device comes with an incredible 1.5” LED display. It boasts of some great features along with its stylish looks and is undoubtedly an excellent choice. However, it is a bit complicated and doesn’t offer the features like Pebble. However, it does not decrease its worth and will remain an excellent choice. The watch 9 has the 5-7 days of battery backup and also water resistant up to 3 meters.

4. Zeblaze Crystal 2 

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 design is more like Amazfit Bip. The crystal 2 has the 1.29″ Inch AMOLED display. The display is touch responsive and you can easily switch between different modes. It can also measure heart rate and give a synopsis of your workout results. The features like recording your sleep duration and wake you up with a quiet alert are very useful. You can also customizable watch face and makes your life dynamic. It has IP67 waterproof and dustproof technology, and the better part is that it can sync with more than 200 smartphones effortlessly.Zeblaze Crystal 2 review

The watch comes with a 180mAh battery it can even tackle sweat during exercises and function in water. It has even multilingual support and is undisputedly one of the best choices. The 180mAh of battery provides the 2-5 days of backup.

5. Microwear X2 PLUS

The microwear X2 plus design is sporty and very attractive. On the first glance, it looks like an expansive smartwatch but it’s not. The rounded display has a 2.5D sapphire glass providing enough protection from scratches. It is incorporated with IP68 waterproof technology which is perhaps the best, and you can use it while swimming or even under the downpour. It can measure your heartbeat, steps, blood pressure and oxygen level in your body.microwear x2 reviewThe sedentary reminder even reminds you to walk if you have been sitting idle for too long. Notifications are known to you by vibration. It can check your sleep quality as well as has built-in exercise patterns. The display turns on as soon as you turn the watch to look at it.

It does have a few issues with connectivity. The screen is a bit small to display the messages properly. Fingerprint stains can be formed, but that’s easily cleanable. Except these, it has some of the best features at this price range, and this is an excellent choice. On a single charge, it provides the 5-6 days of battery backup.

Over To You

So, that was it, and with the discussed in details, make your choice and grab one of them. The above-listed smartwatches are best according to the features, customer review and many other point of you.