Besides the leading monopoly of Google Chrome, Safari has been always leading the iOS marketplace ever since people have gotten their hands over all these high-tech Apple machines. With increased security and specialized optimization for all Apple devices, Safari is probably the most recommended browser for Apple users.

But no-one wants the basic old-school and basic browser window when there are numerous amounts of Browser Extensions available for it. Do you get more options, customization, flexibility in streaming and surfing through the internet, a broader list of possibilities, and whatnot? So with immense pleasure and to fulfill the hundreds if not more of your requests about the same, here we come back with another article to help our fellas choose among the various Browser extensions which ones are the most used and recommended by us.

Before we move any further, please understand that the list isn’t ranked in any manner. These extensions have various features and purposes and thus we considered writing only those that you need in everyday life. So all of these are the top 5 most important Safari Browser Extensions according to us.

Best Safari Browser Extensions

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the legit most important Browser extensions of Safari for students, working professionals, teachers, businessmen, everybody with writing somewhat involved in their everyday activities. From emailing, to submitting assignments, to literally sending a message, Grammarly helps you correct your already written text’s grammatical errors, modify its tone and overall standard of your writing. With an extensive list of its features, functionalities, and usages, Grammarly accounts to be used Globally by above 6.9 million users every-single-day!

Your text goes through a whole Grammatical mistake detector, refined Thesaurus facility, a precise Plagiarism Checker Tool, and overall writing analysis, where you can check the readability score of your text. If it’s suitable, you might get above 60. Below that means there’s room for improvement. Over the years, Grammarly’s AI detection and performance has improved a lot and with the easy to understand user-interface, this is one of the extensions we highly recommend. It’s like you’re one tap away from improving the overall quality of your text,

2) Honey

Honey is for those who love shopping and buying stuff online. It helps you be a little easy on your pockets by showing you the best coupons and discount codes available for the website that you’re on at the moment of using it. You must’ve crossed paths with numerous other websites that offer you coupon codes, but as soon as you feed them while checking out, they don’t work.

Not the case with Honey! You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars just by utilizing this extremely helpful and functional Safari Browser Extension because according to experiences and reviews collected from millions of other users online, the coupon codes and discounts aren’t just great, they’re the most efficient and ones that actually work, unlike any other competitive extensions. Honey is highly recommended in 2021 since it scans the website as soon as you enter it and exposes the best of coupons in front of you.

3) WasteNoTime

WasteNoTime is made for our fellas, who are striving to get productive in their work hours, but with all these tempting and distracting websites and messaging social media widespread, it becomes a bit hard, but we feel you. With wise utilization of this, another Safari Browser Extension called WasteNoTime, as the name suggests, you’re able to aim for more and more products every single second of your presence in front of the screen.

How? Well, the amazing functionality of this extension offers you a complete blockage from certain websites while you’re in your work hours. Just feed in the obvious data it needs such as websites that you don’t want to get distracted off, work time, etc, and boom! You no longer need to worry about the distracting work hours and decreased productivity, not with the utilization of this Extension. Sign up today and GET PRODUCTIVE!

4) Translate

Translate is not exactly the extension, it’s the features of the Safari browser. Ever realized how Google Chrome has a pre-installed language-translation tool for all the websites you visit but not in Safari? For sure it’s immensely frustrating for one to lose out on a bare-minimum benefit like that. But not anymore! With Translate, a Safari Browser Extension Tool, you’re able to translate data, articles, blogs, paragraphs, let alone the entire website, just a tap away. With a wide list of languages such as to translate from and to, you get so much done just by the sole usage of this website because you no longer need to copy the whole website content and paste it on some 3rd party website that scans and translates everything for you. A big check on that! This tool is prominently used by people who stream content online such as over Netflix, Anime, from someplace else, or by working professionals who deal with clients across the world. 

5) AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions to adverts all the annoying ads. It’s like they don’t leave your way for one second. They’re everywhere from blog posts, to Online Streaming Websites or just any other website. So if you wish to get rid of all those advertisements and consume the online content peacefully, consider applying AdBlock Plus on your Safari as a browser extension. Its world-class functionality allows your browser windows to block all kinds of annoying advertisements, that too, in a hassle-free manner. Sign up and set it up once, and that is all that you need to do. But for the record, it only gets you rid of all ‘annoying’, ‘irrelevant’, or ‘age-restricted’ adverts not the acceptable ads, not limiting the website owners from generating revenue off it and hence, making it a Win-Win for the website, you and they as well.

Over To You

So, that it readers, these are some of the best safari extensions from our side. There may be more, and we will update them as well. If you have something in your mind then do share it with us. We will love to hear from you.