With the advent of technology, Radio has gained its popularity which has been reducing to some extent after the invention of Television. But still, radio is making its way, Radio is becoming now the first choice of many people who use the internet on their phones. In this digital age, there are various Radio apps for iPhone users.

By using these apps, you can easily tune in to your favorite radio station and listen to songs, talk shows, etc. Hence, in this post, we are giving you a list of the 10 Best Radio Apps for iPhone. Also, these offer a way ahead features from the traditional radio app. Have a look: 

10 Best Radio Apps For iPhone

1. SiriusXM 

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In this iPhone app, you can enjoy over 300 channels that comprise ad-free music, comedy, news, and a lot more. Users get personalized recommendations too and discover new radio. One of the best features of this app is that when you choose a premium plan then you get more than 100 ad-free music channels for any occasion, mood, or activity. Moreover, for every audiophile, the SiriusXM app is an all-in-one platform.

2. myTuner Radio

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myTuner Radio app gives you access to tune into stations from all across the world for music, news, sports news, and others. It has over fifty thousand stations from 200 countries, with crystal clear reception. This app lets its users see what songs have been recently played by a radio station. Additionally, the ‘related stations’ feature lets users find more things to listen to. Besides, it is also known for supporting Apple Watch, AirPlay, and Apple TV.

3. iHeart

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iHeart is counted amongst the best streaming radio apps for iPhone. This app is widely used for accessing a huge library of music. Users of this app can easily explore numerous local AM as well as FM radio stations and choose the seamlessly designed ones to fit into their preferences. It also gives you access to stream podcasts from popular personalities such as Bobby Bones, Ryan Seacrest, and others.

4. Pandora

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Next on the list of Best Radio Apps for iPhone is Pandora. This app is popular amongst music lovers because it offers highly personalized music experiences. Users can create a custom radio station according to their preferred genres, artists, and countries. Apart from this, for unlocking more features, users can choose the premium version. In the premium version, you can have limitless skips, play music without ads, and download songs to listen them when you are offline.

5. TuneIn Radio

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This superb app is well-known amongst radio lovers due to its huge collection of 100,000 stations. It has everything for listeners who are fond of music, news, sports, and many more. Using the TuneIn Radio app, you can tune in to live radio shows as well from various countries. It also provides a massive library of more than 60,000 audiobooks and listeners can listen to them when they are offline means not using the internet.

6. LiveXLive

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LiveXLive is powered by slackers as is very popular amongst iPhone users. This app is reimagined music streaming app that allows its users to listen to their favorite tunes and also watch live streaming performances for free of cost. It features global coverage and has a remarkably huge assortment of music. In addition to this, in LiveXLive there are several handpicked stations, interactive, and live video streams of worldwide concerts and festivals. Hence, this feature makes this app a prominent name amongst radio listening lovers.

7. myTuner Radio – Live Station‪s‬

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This is one more radio app that is widely downloaded by iPhone users. Radio Tuner has more than 70,000 global radio stations in different languages as well as in genres. You can choose your favorite stuff from a list of categories and it also has an option to filter radio stations as per your choice. One of the best features of Radio Tuner is that users can record radio stations of their choice if they want to play it back later on. The played stations are saved in history so that you can enjoy them again without remembering the names of the station. Furthermore, many of the users find the sound quality of this radio app excellent.

8. Audac‪y‬

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If you are an iPhone user and looking for a radio app then you can go for RADIO.COM. In this radio app, there are more than 950 music, sports, talk, news, and comedy AM and FM radio stations. RADIO.COM is one of the fastest-growing digital media platforms and brings you the music stations, top news, sports updates, and top podcasts. This app has well-known features like the facility to rewind and listen to shows and those segments that you missed for up to 24 hours. This popular app also boasts the largest selection of talk radio stations and news and is a perfect one-stop solution for all your audio requirements.

# Final Words

Using Radio apps on your iPhone is a fun as well as an exciting way to enjoy diverse music, sports updates, talk shows, and many more. Listeners can discover new types of content with all these that are mentioned above in the post. Hence, we hope that this post about the 10 Best Radio Apps for iPhone will surely help you in choosing the best radio app efficiently.

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