In this world full of negativity, peer pressure, depression, anxiety, and many more, we all need a dose of motivation. A dose of advice. Whenever we feel demotivated or someone has pushed somebody down, we all need a dose of calm and helpful words. 

That is exactly what quotes are for. It can be on anything – inspirational, motivational, heartbreak, humor, etc. Quotes are meant to motivate us, calm us down with the power of words, and help us in any way possible. Therefore, everybody needs a quote app on their phone. 

8 Best Quote Apps For Android

Since there are millions and billions of quotes, their types, and designs, selecting the right one that could fit into your needs and wants is more important. So, let’s take a look at these Best quote apps for your Android, listed below. 

  • Picture Quotes:

This app shows quotation marks on photos with different textures, colors, fonts, and shaders. It takes photos and saves them to your phone gallery. There are different types of quotes like inspirational quotes, bible quotes, love, birthday, wedding, and so on. Moreover, you can choose the photos you want to insert after the quote. This photo can come from your phone’s gallery, or you can use the user-created photo background provided in the app. Then you can select references, change colors and fonts, add effects and save.

Download Picture Quotes For Android 

  • Brilliant Quotes: 

It contains famous quotes carefully selected by more than 260 authors, including philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers, and great leaders. This quote app also provides you with the quote of the day as an automatic notification. You can also find more information about the author and read about them. The app also has a user-friendly interface and search function to find more offers. The application is free to download and contains advertisements. It also has a widget that you can pin to the home screen and choose the quotation you want to see there.

Download Brilliant Quotes For Android

  • Funny Quotes:

As you can already guess and understand, this app provides quotes that are full of humor and will cause you a fit of laughter. If you like, you can share these picture quotes on social media or put them on your status and all as well. 

Download Funny Quotes For Android

  • Buddha Quotes: 

This is another one of the best quote apps for your iPhone. It brings together the best daily Buddhist wisdom quotations and beautiful Buddha wallpapers. The app provides you with more powerful inspirational quotes every day. You can read the citation or ask them to read it for you. The app also provides you with daily notifications. Download Buddha Quotes For Android

  • 53000+ Famous Quotes Free:

The application is easy to use, you can tap, swipe and shake to browse the pages of the quote book. There is a search where you can search for citations by author name. You can also bookmark your favorite quotes plus you can share these quotes on social media and email.

Download Famous Quotes Free For Android

  • Daily Quote:

This app has a large number of quotations for various purposes. You can receive offers, save them or share them on social networks according to your wishes. You also have choices like you can set reminders and send daily offers to your smartphone. You can also choose a random background photo or color for the daily quote.

 Download Daily Quote For Android

  • Your Quote: 

By using this application, you can create your own quotes. It has been around for some time and currently has more than 5 million users worldwide. With more than 12 languages, it helps users overcome language barriers. Moreover, there are thousands of wallpapers to choose from. Also, you can use beautiful pictures to create beautiful poems, quotes or stories. Furthermore, the simple and intuitive user interface makes the application very easy to use. Download Your Quote For Android

  • ThinkUp: 

ThinkUp is a great application that can help you develop motivation and positive thinking for success in life. Using this application, you can get inspiration and personalize your statement. There are more than 300 affirmations about various life goals, such as self-esteem, motivation, depression, etc. Set up notifications and listen to daily affirmations to reduce negative thoughts.

Download ThinkUp For Android


With this, the research and this article end right here. These were all the 9 best quote apps for your iPhone. Use them and stay happy and motivated.