How is it possible for anybody to manage their workstyle, projects, consultations, overall business or professional life in one place? Well, if you don’t know already, there’s a plethora of Project Management Tools available out there, which, if utilized well, can do wonders to an individual’s career or business. Today we’ll consider giving a glance at some of the top-end software that is money-efficient and immensely valuable. So sit back, relax, and give this article a tight and nice read. All this software can be used for free as well, so have fun. Here you go!

7 Best Project Management Software


One of the most recommended project management tools with a clean UI and extensive amount of functionalities available, Asana is known to set the benchmarks and kick-start your day in a planned and progressive manner. It helps keep track of your everyday activities and projects promptly. From scheduling all the tasks and calls to becoming creative with your workspace and designing an exclusive layout of your plans for the team, you tell your needs, and for sure, Asana’s got your back!

The best part is you get to utilize the software’s bare-minimum features and functionalities, FOR FREE, and if you ever feel like upgrading is what tempts you, you’re always welcome too. This way, you know what you’re getting yourself into and if this particular software will be worth purchasing. Very Valuable!


Casual is made for you to play around a little. Create lists, schedules, plans, charts, whatever it is that you can visualize. The possibilities are limitless here. If you always want to have everything your way, and a predefined manner of stuff just doesn’t feel many comfortable Congratulations! You just found your perfect fit. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up on their official website, get the software on your device, trying exploring its insides a little, and you’ll know exactly what we’re saying. The work-environment and just overall UI are simplicity-oriented, and the intuitive design guides you towards all that is there to be discovered about it.


As wise men say, Time is of the essence, and Bitrix ain’t no basic tool with just the basic stuff you need. It’s about so much more. It’s about speed. It’s about total control. If you wish you achieve your tasks within a snap of fingers and expect everything to be just as managed as possible, you can without any doubts just consider Bitrix24 because not just does it get the job done seamlessly, but it provides you with intensively auto-generated reports of your progress and everyday life.

You get to discover where’s room for improvement, tracks time, prepares reports based on dozens of vital parameters to get the most out of it, plus its pricing is relatively inexpensive, other than the free plan, of course— Ultimate Productivity with a pinch of money-efficiency.


Customizations, Attractive and Eye-Catchy color depiction, creating numerous in-depth and comprehensive tasks with details, sounds significant? Well, Trello is usually utilized by professionals, and if you go out there to explore what the users have to say about it, you will end up spending a couple of bucks on this CRM Software with no strings attached. With the massive global integrity and trust this software has earned over the years, the progressive protocols adopted by this software’s makers is the legitimate reason why they’ve been getting such results and why it’s still one of the best. Investing your bucks in Trello will never end up disappointing you. A Classy Software.


Yes, yes, we know what’s going on in your mind right now. Since when did Slack become a Project Management tool? Well, honestly, we’ve given this software some time ourselves and based on that, we got to the realization that Slack actually can turn out to be one of the most amazing Project Management Tools. You get all of the significant and relevant functionalities, and what’s better than the fact that the tool you own has so much more to utilize than what you use it for on a daily basis? Customers who tried it out are seriously in love with the way it functions and recommend it further to their friends as well. Use it for free and learn for yourself!


Basecamp is more about paying further attention to your tasks. What if you make a couple of lists, schedules, and play around here and there, but now everything’s a mess, and you don’t understand a thing you did? One of the biggest nightmares for a professional or business. Basecamp enables its users to dive a little deeper into the projects and schedules they design, hence helps them get a better idea about what’s going on, whether it’s them that they want to know about or the team. Give it a free trial today, and write your own verdict!

Dropbox Paper

Wait, but why does that sound so familiar? Hope you’re not just yet over that good old file management software created under the same name. Here’s another software from the same Domain. Dropbox Paper. You get to follow your heart by making all those efficient action plans and protocols to be followed by the team, and as a cherry on top, Dropbox Paper provides you with an exclusive report based on your in-application activities and helps you optimize your schedules a little better. Again, you can utilize the software by trying it out for FREE, and if you connect with the software, make it yours.


We think now you all have a clear vision about the best project management software, and which one will be the best for your company. According to us, we will highly recommend you to go with the Bitrix24 or Asana. Bitrix24 will give you more features than Asana in the free version, also a faster response as well. This is our pick let us know, what you choose for your company.