It’s been like a tradition for iPhone users to live a life different from Android phone owners over the years. But just as amazing as it sounds, it has some limitations to it too. For instance, Apple users face a hard time changing their default browser because that is just how things have been. But not from now. The revolutionary iOS 14 updates have made this bare-minimum feature come to life for the contemporary iPhones. Now, users are given the functionalities to edit their default browser enabled on their Apple Device, that too, just a click away.

But the question is, which Privacy-Inclined browsers out there in the AppStore are considerable to download and use? Well, we’ve got your back just as usual. We’ll be discussing the same in today’s article through a list curated by us around some of the best browsers to choose from. For the record, it’s not as easy as it seems of a task. To start changing your default browser, you’ll need to follow some steps, so let’s talk about them first.

Best iOS 14 Browser Apps 2021 For iPhone 12

1) Microsoft Edge

Regardless of the Operating System of your device, from iOS to Windows, to Android, this is one of the most used and well-known browsers in the application industry. Yes, we remember the hilarious Microsoft Explorer, which wasn’t the best Browser. But that isn’t the case this time. Microsoft Edge is a more improved version of the previously available Explorer Browser. From the user interface to more functionalities, Microsoft Edge is believed to provide a whole other surfing level for the contemporary world.

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This time, it stands a chance against the highly-downloaded and used competitively. Edge has a fantastic Ad-Blocking technology to enhance your browsing experience. If this doesn’t excite you, the one function that screams BEST for this Browser is The Microsoft Rewards Program, under which users earn points for surfing on the internet. So as much as you search, you stand a higher chance of making more points. As soon as you have enough points, know that they are exchangeable with gift cards useful to buy games, apps, gift cards, and so much more!

2) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

“Privacy is a must for me to consider while surfing on the internet.” If that’s you, then DuckDuckGo is in all likelihood the best Browser for you with enhanced Privacy measures. It does terrific justice with the name its been given, and thus, we recommend it. One of the most appreciated features of this browser app is enabled when one clicks on the Fire button. Users can experience hassle-free surfing through this feature because as soon as it’s clicked, it clears the search history, all the surfing data, etc.

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This browser application also blocks all the tracking bots and crawlers on your device, stopping them from getting your data. For even more of an enriched privacy experience, you can enable DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Browser, which is believed not to track your activity online and never share it with a third-party company or app. It also helps you block anybody else from opening your Browser by securing it from FaceID & TouchID.

3) Aloha Browser: Private VPN TOR

This Browser is for those of our folks who need their browser application to put particular emphasis on prioritizing security and privacy while surfing. Well, this is one of the vital features of Aloha’s Private Browsing experience, which, trust us, you need to give a try.

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Aloha comes with a pre-installed ad-blocker and also reduces the data your device holds while browsing, hence saving you a ton of Bandwidth! As a Cherry on top, this browser application comes with a pre-installed VPN that can be used for FREE, for as long as you want to! Loaded with crazy useful features, Aloha also comes with a pre-installed Audio & Video Player, literally making it a one-stop destination for web-surfing lovers!

4) Ecosia

Yes, privacy is essential, but how about a Browser that lets you participate in significant environmental activities? If just now you nodded at that statement, go to the AppStore right now and download this browser application because this is precisely what you need! To be more specific, Ecosia plants a sapling in the most endangered biodiversities throughout the globe every time you start surfing on your device.

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But that’s not it, the security and privacy level is really above the top, which solely you came here for. It’s loaded with vital features ready for you to use, click on the download button, and make your lives much more comfortable than earlier.

5) Google Chrome

You’ve been waiting for this one this whole time. Well, guess what? By far, Google Chrome is the most used Browser Application/Software in the entire world collectively of iOS devices, Windows devices, and Android devices. We all are quite aware of the surplus amounts of features Google Chrome has to offer.

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We understand that Google Chrome isn’t one of the most Privacy-Driven Browsers, but the speed it provides is incomparable! The UI, in-syncing of data amongst devices, a flawless recommendation system, and so much more to offer! If you haven’t checked it out ever, you’re missing out on something; highly recommended.

How To Change Your Default Browser

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Locate to the default enabled Browser on your phone and click on it. This will open your Browser’s settings.
Select the desired Browser you want to enable

…and that’s it! We’re done with this part. Now let’s glance at this list of browsers that you can enable on your iPhone that prioritize Security and Privacy for the experience they provide to their users.

So that’d be it for today’s article, folks! Let us know what you think about this one in the comments below.