Capturing the images is being a hobby of almost every person these days. We click a lot of snaps every day and love to share with our acquaintances on any platform. These pictures may be about nature, friends, families, monuments, etc. These images convert into memory after storing them into our device.

Moving forward, you can improve your images with the help of photo viewer software. So if you were tired with the default photo viewer app then better to try something new to do effectively with your capturing images. So all you need to go for the best photo viewers which are specifically designed for Windows 10. Here is the list of best photo viewer software for Windows 10 that you must think about to use once –

Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10

Irfanview is a well-known photo viewer app for Windows 10 especially. This software is using by people around the world simply and reliably. Irfanview confers exceptional performance with minimum resources by occupying 2MB space only on your Hard disk. It responds quickly and opens instantly your images without making any delay. It can improvise your images, and also rotate and resize your images. You can develop here the slide shows and can print the photos. But it does not come with the good enough user-interface.Irfanview-photo viewer Irfanview comes with numerous features like it also keeps inbuilt editing tools including red-eye removal, rotating of images, cropping, resizing, lighter in weight and simpler in use, format conversion, supports batch processing, supports video formats and audio formats, free to use, supports more than 50 plugins designed by Irfanview, easily can open the large image files which are captured through DSLR.

Xnview Photo viewerXnView is a quick photo viewer tool that offers you plenty of features just like Windows Photo Viewer offers. This photo viewer software can be used very simply on Windows and Linux operating systems. This tool allows you to use it also in a portable version. The picture rendering quality is really wonderful and quite faster than Irfanview but XnView comprises almost features which are almost similar to Irfanview. XnView comes with several features such as slideshow, supports more than 500 picture formats, a multi-language viewer, easily can manage as well as customize here the photo library and lot more to be counted.

Windows Photo Viewer was formerly known as Fax Viewer (Windows XP) and Windows Picture and afterward known as Windows Photo Viewer. Windows replaced this software than with a default Photo Viewer Photos. This software is still in the files at there as Microsoft developers did not remove it completely.windows_photo_viewer

Windows Photo Viewer allows users to preview the images. It comes with different features such as slide show button to play the images automatically, supports various file formats, easy user interface, fast in loading, etc. But it does not come with multiple editing options, does not support the GIF format and when we rotate the photos it reduces the size.

Nomacs is an open source image viewer packaged with plenty of functions and features as well. It comes for free and is usable almost on every operating system. Moreover, it suits to your all needs such as it supports almost all the picture formats. Also, it enables you to view the thumbnails, metadata, and histogram of your pictures. Here you can browse readily the Zip files and MS Office files.Nomacs Photo ViewerNomacs also assists you with increasing the contrasts and brightness of your images with its inbuilt tools. You can view here your various images together with an amazing slideshow. You can also edit your images very well with its editing tools such as rotating, cropping and resizing as like you execute in Windows photo viewer.

FastStone Image Viewer is one of the most reliable and stable image viewer, image editor, image browser and image converter that comes free of cost. It is an open source tool and comes with basic editing tools that assist you perfectly in resizing, rotating, and cropping the photos. Also, it removes nicely the red-eye from your photos. It creates also efficient image attachments to email your acquaintances.faststone-image-viewer

There are also some features available such as copy & move and drag & drop for the better convenience purpose. Some more features can be included in this photo viewer like amazing effects and transition, versatile screen capturing capability, available with the portable version, supports the plenty of image formats and many more.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is also included in the list of best photo viewers. You can easily upload your images to a cloud and also can share these images on social accounts once you completely edit your images. You will also find a thumbnail gallery that assists you a lot when working with numerous photos. This thumbnail gallery is placed at the bottom side of the program window.

You can also create a folder over here to sort your photos into it. It also comes along with some basic editing tools resizing, rotating, cropping, add effects and texts, etc. Some more features are such as navigation is quite simple, easily can drag your image on a program window for opening, easy to take screenshots, etc.

Imagine is one of the most lightweight image viewers compare to the other image viewers. Imagine is a freeware that supports a huge number of the image formats and also you are able to view the whole details about your image files. In this software, 32 bit and 64 bit both versions are available to use. It comes with several features containing Multilanguage support, capture the screen, making animations, supports batch conversion, viewing the photos together with a slideshow, etc.

HoneyView lets users rotate pictures and execute basic resizing with it. Editing can be complete through adding a link either to a Paint or Photoshop. Moreover, you can also bookmark the photos here for your future reference. But there is no inbuilt editing tool to use. It comes with plenty of features like easy to use, supports multiple image formats, resembles Windows Photo Viewer, etc.

Quicklook is a MacOS based tool which is created by the Apple developers. It is used for a quick preview of your image files. It keeps the smooth loading features and this tool also permits you to use it in a Windows platform. You can use this application for free of cost. Through pressing the spacebar key or hotkeys, you become able to preview the file content. It supports not only image format but also supports text file formats and video formats as well. It gives you responsive and rapid access.

Picasa Photo Viewer is a quick and stable photo viewing software which also has a good interface. If you want to view the photo in full-screen mode then press the “Enter” key. Here, with a single click, you can begin a slideshow. Picasa Photo Viewer is packaged with the photo editing tools that confer you an awesome experience which you never had before with the other photo viewers. But one demerit, photo upload feature cannot support here as Google has been shut down the web services of Picasa.


After reading the article, the bottom line is all the photo viewers are best and supports well the Windows 10. So it depends on you for which purpose you want to use. All these photo viewers are fully loaded with amazing features and even available for free means you are not required to pay any charges. You can readily modify your any photo by using these applications within a few clicks. So pick anyone from here and begin to play with them to give a new look to your photo.