As the technology progress, Anti-virus software is becoming much more important for us to protect our PC against viruses or any malicious code. Earlier it was a misconception that antivirus software or especially paid antivirus software are need of large companies or industries. But with the more use of the internet by the individual for surfing, shopping or any financial transaction this software also becoming essential for our safe and secure work on the internet. So choosing of the Best paid antivirus software is a need of time.

Most of the Antivirus software mainly available in three categories. The basic version, Internet security and total security. The most popular paid version of antivirus software is ‘Internet security software’.

With the increase in the numbers of cyber threat all over the world, Virus protection software market is also growing. There are many antivirus software available in the market and many of them guarantee you with full proof virus protection for your devices. They also provide many other facilities such as Parental Control, Password manager, Backup, Cloud storage and much more. So it is bit confusing when the individual has to select one of them. So to solve this confusion here we are providing the review of 5 Best paid Antivirus Software of 2016.

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Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2016


In the world of virus protection software Bit Defender makes a top place. It is not us who are saying this, but the results of many test labs and the review portals. The renowned PC World Mag has declared this antivirus as 100% protection against Virus & malware. This software also terms as the “Highly secure product with Zero impact on the performance of your device”. Like any other AV, Bit Defender also have its free edition and one month trial for its premium versions.

Bit defender free edition is a great choice for those who want an antivirus that does its job quietly and in perfect manner. But this free antivirus software has very limited options. The basic version and the least expensive edition are Bit defender Antivirus Plus 2016. It has a great malware detection capacity with a lot of tools such as built-in password manager, automatic profiles, and secure browser but it lacks in two-way firewall protection.


Bit Defender Products 2016

The most popular edition of this antivirus is Bit defender internet security 2016. This software works very smoothly it never slows down your PC. It has almost zero impact on the PC Speed. It also works very fast. So if you opt this AV then next time you don’t have to wait for the completion of the full scan of your PC. With the increase of malware like Trojan, worms, and virus nowadays one-way firewall security is not enough.

Free edition of Bit Defender 2016
Free edition of Bit Defender 2016

In this regards Bit defender internet security 2016 provide full proof two-way firewall protection so it will prevent Unauthorized access to your private data.

The time has gone when we have to buy different virus protection for different devices. Bit defender total security, simplifies everything. It can be used for any platform, whether it is Windows, Mac or android. With just one account, we can manage all our protected devices.



  • Bit defender detects malware silently and removes them and keep your system clean and safe without knowing it.
  • Smooth working, almost zero impact on the performance of your device.
  • Two-way firewall protection to prevent unauthorized Access to your device.
  • Multi-device option available
  • Total security can be used for any platform, whether it is Windows, Mac or android.


  • Little bit costly among its other counterpart.

# Recommended Product for PC/ Mac : Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

Buy Bitdefender Internet Security 2016


Kaspersky antivirus is a Russian antivirus company which is spread all over the world. It provides its services to the 200 countries with more than 300 million users. This gives us a clear idea that how much popular is this antivirus in the world. Kaspersky antivirus comes into homes as well as business category. Kaspersky lab mainly focuses on large enterprises and business group. Kaspersky internet security is its one of the popular products.

Kaspersky Internet-Security-2016

Kaspersky Internet-Security-2016

This antivirus comes up with no of options which can be modified as per our need. As the other AV, it also has facility of parental control, and password manager (where all our devices passwords were securely stored). With the use of this AV, we can filter out annoying spam mail.

If you have installed this antivirus than Phishing attacks will be automatically blocked by the antivirus. This software has unique feature of Webcam Protection technology that stops the person using your own webcam to spy on you. one more unique of this AV has the Safe Money technology so whenever we go to any banking or payment related site, It will automatically detect whether that page is secure or not. Labs just love this antivirus.


  • Excellent score in many antiphishing tests.
  • World-class security
  • Spam filter ,anti-theft option
  • Webcam Protection technology


  • No of options available sometime quite confusing.
  • Full scan takes too much time compare to others.
  • Too many updates (sometime if you update, within one hour again it shows for new update)

# Recommended Product for PC/ Mac :  Kaspersky Lab Internet Security- 2016

Buy Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2016 (3-Users)


MacAfee is world’s largest dedicated security technology company. It is  one the of the oldest antivirus in our list . it is a subsidiary of Intel group. Intel group slowly phasing out this brand name of MacAfee and replacing it with Intel security group.

In some of laptop and notebook of Dell, Lenovo & Acer it is preinstalled. It also comes with multi devices option. Along with virus and malware protection, it also has Anti-theft, file protection, and parental control option

McAfee also comes into three category  McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security & McAfee Antivirus Plus.

If you are much into smartphones it will be the best pick for you because it also gives Wi-Fi protection, app privacy and data backup for all your android device whether it is smartphone or tablets.With using Total security and internet security you also have the advantage of blocking annoying email with anti-spam facility.


If you are much into the internet and always forgot your password then you don’t need anymore password manager apps. Because with the total security version of the McAfee you also have a True Key app, which will store all our username and password in a very safe and secure manner.


  • Easy to use, simple user-friendly interface.
  • Best for smartphone with app privacy and Wi-Fi protection
  • Easily configure firewall, parental control, anti-spam setting
  • Support is awesome
  • Great security above average detection at reasonable price
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Real-time scanning issues where after on itself gets off.
  • Sometimes Updating issue.

# Recommended Product for PC/ Mac :  McAfee Total Protection-2016

Buy McAfee 2016 Total Protection for Unlimited Devices


The list of best antivirus of 2016 cannot be complete without the trusted Norton antivirus. Its first edition was released back in 1991. But it always maintains its prestige and reliability among its customers till today. In many of the HP Notebook and laptops, it is per-installed for 2 months of free subscription. It categorizes its product in 3 ways Standard, Premium and deluxe.

For a single user of PC or Mac standard option is best. It provides best possible service for real-time threat protection against existing and as well emerging malware and virus all over the world. If you opt for the Premium and Deluxe option you can secure multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription. In its deluxe version, we also get the facility of Backup option where it will automatically back up all our photos or any other important document of your need.

Norton Antivirus 2016
Norton Antivirus 2016

The interface of the Norton internet security antivirus is very much user-friendly. It has limited option. Cybercrime index is also its one of the unique feature. Here they show a world map with worldwide cyber activity for the previous 24 hrs. So if you are much interested to know what kind of threat is emerging worldwide then this is the software you should try.

Norton virus protection also has a safe web option. So if next time you come across any suspicious site , just put its URL in the safe web option and see the results whether it is safe or not.

 Besides all of this good quality, there is one issue that this software is not as smooth as its counterpart. Some its scanning slow down your PC.Norton Security software also guarantees for the full proof virus protection, after installing your device if it gets infected they will refund you.


  • 100% Guarantee for virus protection
  • It has Maximum PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards than Any Other Security Company
  • It Provides unique feature of Cybercrime index
  • Multi-devices option available
  • Easy to use


  • Costly compare to other AVs
  • Little bit heavy and sometimes slow down your PC

# Recommended Product for PC/ Mac : Norton Security Deluxe – 5 Devices (very cheap compare to other Norton products )

Buy Norton Security Deluxe – 5 Devices


Similar to Kaspersky Lab, Avast software is also spread all over the world with more than 220 million users. This software is available in 45 languages. Recently in July 2016 this security company acquired one of its competitor AVG Technologies for US$1.3 billion This software available in three Category Free, Internet security the Premier edition. Avast free edition is quite better compared to some paid antivirus. It is the best free antivirus of 2016 which also support windows 10. Google play and App store users love this antivirus. The company also claims that with the latest Nitro update AVAST became the lightest antivirus of the world.

                           AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS 2016

Avast antivirus paid version also has some premium feature such as spot the fake websites, password manager and shield our privacy.  But when we compare this paid version of the others it doesn’t hold the water.


  • Lightest antivirus software ever.
  • AVAST Free version work quite well than other paid ones (Window 10 Compatible)


  • Paid version has limited features compare to others.

  • No backup facility or cloud storage option


# Recommended Product for PC/ Mac : Avast Premier – 2016 (For 3 devices and  3 Yrs protection in less than $20)

Buy Avast Premier 2016

So these were the some of the best paid antivirus software of 2016 according to my research,which you can try for your devices. If you have any idea of some other antivirus software which could also be the part of this list, feel free to comment below.

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