Apple is one of the biggest successful companies in the market of modern gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, watches, etc. It has continued to grow since day one and has always been ahead of the game by introducing new products with new features and technologies by being alert and keeping in mind the needs of the society. 

With so many releases of their products, each year and then every product of theirs has gained so much success, they have released one more, and that is – iPadOS 15. Apple has improved each and every thing it needed to do in this new product of theirs. Their iPads have always been a success to them and this one will take your heart away. 

New iPadOS 15 Features Try Right Now (July 2021)

If you do not know about the new iPadOS 15 features yet then do not worry just keep reading this article because we are going to do that for you by listing some of the best features of this newly launched product, right below – 

  • Focus Mode: 

With the focus mode feature to reduce distractions while working or doing something important, Apple has yet again proved that they are always going to be ahead of the race. The focus mode basically stops and filters notifications and applications based on the user’s activity. You can choose from work, personal, or do not disturb modes, or create your own personalized experience for games, reading, and more.

Furthermore, with the Notification summary, you can turn on another new feature to receive a series of non-urgent notifications at specific times of the day. This way, you will not be bombarded by constant bumps when you try to work or relax. Another useful feature of focus mode is that you can only view a few selected home screen pages, and the number of apps and widgets is limited. All devices use focus mode, so installing this method on the iPad will automatically enable it on the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch.

  • App Library:

It is designed for the informal community among us, and you can access the application library from the Dock or by swiping to the left on the home screen. This is very useful when you are using the new multitasking function, because you can quickly select the desired application from the application library. Also, applications are neatly divided into folders and categorized according to their use cases.

  • Quick Notes App:

You can now categorize notes by multiple tags (using the # symbol and keywords), and you can even put them in a specific tag folder. When looking for them, the new tab browser will come in handy, simplifying the task. Previously you could share folders in Notes, and the new operation view will show the latest changes and your notes. Also, you can tag anybody to collaborate. 

  • A Better Siri: 

With Alexa and Siri being the favorites of everybody, Apple has decided to grab the opportunity and make it even better for the users. Under the new iPadOS 15 update, Siri has gotten faster and safer. You can now use it in offline mode as well, and the answers would be faster and more correct this time. You can also save and store audio requests now. The updated version of Siri has brought lots of new features with it. Do try it out. 

  • Universal Control: 

This is really one of the best features of the new iPadOS 15 as this one allows you to use the mouse and keyboard on multiple Apple devices at the same time, so you can use the touchpad and keyboard on your MacBook Pro to control your iPad. 

  • Translation App: 


With this feature, you would not have to depend on any other translation sites or apps in order to communicate and stuff. You can directly translate your sentences from one language to another by the help of this feature. It translates photos and handwritten texts as well. 


The automatic translation function ensures that you do not need to press any buttons and complete the translation while you are speaking. When viewing directly, the iPad’s screen will be split in half, so that two people can sit opposite and chat while the app is translating. This feature will really make things much easier for all of us. 


These best new features of iPadOS 15 are not all and not the end. There are many more new updated and installed features in the iPadOS 15 which you would have to check out by yourself by using it. Above listed are some main top ones. Apple has never disappointed us and with this new product, it proves that it will continue to follow this policy of keeping it’s customers happy, as always. 

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.