With the advent of applications and smartphones recently, people have come to know many things with a Single touch. They are adamant on learning new things and gaining knowledge. With the help of applications, people come to know about the updated news of the events going on all over the world. Even the children can play exciting games with the help of these apps.

Among such apps, one such app is Math game apps, which is not only fun for the children but also helps them to check their IQ level and even test the mathematical knowledge of the children. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Math game applications which are compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Best Math Game Apps for Android & iOS

1. Math Games, Mathematics

This is an exciting game for testing specific arithmetic skills under the constraints of proper time and speed. One can not only check the mathematical abilities but can also learn some effective calculation skills or methods that can enable one to easily and quickly solve the arithmetic problems more simply. This mathematical game is compatible only with the Android operating system and is considered a useful tool for teaching mathematical calculations with fun.

[appbox googleplay id=org.nixgame.mathematics&hl=en_US]

2.Godline Math Games

This is a very challenging game for math lovers. The game app offers several game modes like the mental calculations, math pyramid, correct answers, mathematical pairs, exponents, number pyramid, math machine, etc. Each of the game modes is quite difficult to succeed and are even unique. This is the perfect game app for facing the mathematical challenges with fun. A Godline Math game is a unique game with the intellectual concept.

[appbox googleplay id=godlinestudios.MathGames]

3. Math Master

This is also an exciting game that aims at making one a master in solving the simple math problems with complete efficiency and quickly. The game consists of several modes and has more than a hundred levels that get progressively difficult as one raises the level. The challenges of the tricky arithmetic problem increase with the increase in the level of the game. This game application is suitable for both kids and adults. The user interface of the game is simple and straightforward.

[appbox googleplay id=net.chokolovka.sonic.mathmaster.android]

4. Math Game PlayMind

This math game is a highly efficient tool for testing the memory of the users. It helps in practicing Maths and basic arithmetic by doing mental calculations. There are multiple modes of the game with varying levels of difficulty and sub-levels within each of the modes. This is an intellectual game for the math lovers and is compatible only with the Android operating system.

[appbox googleplay id=com.wdggames.playmind]

5. Math X Math

This is a fun-loving and puzzle-based math game where one requires to use their arithmetic skills and concepts to solve the problems. There are several play modes of the game to match any difficulty level and has more than a thousand puzzle questions to keep the user entertained. The problems ascertained to the game are quite tricky and challenging and needs intellect to solve these problems.

[appbox googleplay id=air.com.hoimi.MathxMath]

Best Math Games Apps for iOS

1. Threes

It is a simple and addictive game for the users that gradually and progressively gets harder with the rise in the level of the game for the user. The rules of the game are straightforward, and one can only combine 1s, 2s, and 3s for creating a more significant number. As per the rules of the game, any number which is more significant than 3 can only be combined with its matching number. Thus the bigger the number one can get by the connecting matches, the more points one can get.

[appbox appstore id= 779157948?mt=8]

2. Toon Math

This is an exciting game with the concept of an endless runner and monster game where one needs to dodge the obstacles and solve the mathematical problems simultaneously. The game is straightforward to play at the initial stage being an endless runner, but it gets harder progressively with obstacles and arithmetic problems. It is a profitable game for improving the skill of multi-tasking. This game is not only compatible with the iOS platform but also compatible with the Android Operating System.

[appbox appstore id= 473904402?mt=8]

3. Sudoku

Sudoku is a very popular and another classic puzzle game, which one of the favorite game of most of the people. It is a very intellectual game for the users that involves, but it has nothing to do with solving mathematical problems. It is a beneficial game to keep as it can also improve the ability to look for possible ways for solving a given problem. The rules of the game are quite simple. In this game, the user is given 81 cells that are divided into 9 blocks in 3 X 3 configurations. The job of the user is to fill all the blocks with 1 to 9 numbers each while making sure that one is not repeating numbers in either the column or row.

[appbox appstore id= 366247306?mt=8]

4. Quento

It is a wonderfully designed math game for both adults and kids that involve essential additions and subtractions. It is a particular game for the kids in which the puzzles are quite simple and small, but they can solve those with fun and is suitable for small breaks.

[appbox appstore id= 583954698?mt=8]

5. Math Games- Zeus vs. Monsters

This is an addictive game for the game lovers in which the name of the game itself indicates about destroying the monsters and mythical beasts using the excellent math skills and also by solving the various brain teasers. The game is very much entertaining and has pretty good graphics. It is not only compatible with the iOS platform but also compatible with the Android platform.

[appbox appstore id= 820176211?mt=8]

Conclusive Review  

The math game applications as mentioned above are exciting to play for the users as well as enable to practice the mathematical skills through various tricky and brainstorming methods. These games help in increasing the mathematical skills and intelligence of the kids as well as the adults with solving numerous tricky puzzles.