Kids always remain in full of curiosity and try to learn something new in their childhood. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are the stuff that never loses the chance to attract them. These electronic devices are broadly taking in use by the people to make there any kind of work hassle-free.

Why not consider to alter your smartphone or tablet into a learning platform if everything can be done very easily. Even your kids may also get numerous advantages if you use your electronic device as a learning platform. You can find several android apps on play store that can greatly assist your kids to build up analytical skills and creativity.

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Best Learning Apps For Kids For Android

YouTube Kid

YouTube Kids is counted as one of the best and kids friendly-app that allows them to discover the whole world through online videos. It comprises numbers of contents for kids such as videos, shows, channels and many more. Parents can set a timer readily for how long duration their kids can stay there and use it as well.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Parents keep full of control on this app that restricts kids searching too many contents. Here you can make eight different accounts that also come with video recommendation and many preferences. Moreover, it is available with Chromecast support where kids become able to watch it on TV. You can use this great app for free.


KIDOZ is a wonderful app for kids on android that has enough capability to entertain them for a long duration. It contains a huge number of videos for kids which updates regularly. Furthermore, it offers various features like educational games, child lock, photos gallery and lots more. It also has a pro feature that can be used by the parents to put full control over games, sites, and channels. This app permits you to make multiple accounts. You get the option here to set a time limit and also block the ads through ad-blocker.


ClassDojo is a great learning app designed for all age children that can also be considered as a virtual classroom learning app. In this app, students, teachers, and parents can interact readily with each other. Parents can check out the performance of their child as well as students can also communicate with the teachers if they feel any doubt in their studies.

Developer: ClassDojo
Price: Free+

Parents may assure in order to get the best results of their kid’s studies. It provides real classroom experience for children and at that time their parents can also interact with their teachers.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids app is one of the simplest and greatest educational apps for children where they can learn everything that their parents want on a single platform. This app offers ABC tracing games, letter matching exercises, phonics pairing and lots more to be counted. Its features nicely match with the needs of Kids so that they can learn here with fun. Kids collect toys and stickers when tracing game complete by them. Its user interface prepared smartly that makes it tough for children to exit. It is entirely free and does not contain any third party ads.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is a different app from the other apps where toddlers can use painting canvas to enhance their drawing skills. It provides 24 different colors, brushes and built-in art gallery. It comes with movie mode option where children can playback nicely their artworks just as a short film. It also has a feature of shaking the phone which is used to erase your artwork wherever you need. Its functions are free for all but also supports the ads.


PUZZINGO is specifically designed for toddlers with the age group of 0 to 5. It is an educational puzzle game where kids solve puzzles with fun. You can find here 8 free puzzles for your kids which include more than 100 vocabulary words. Kids have to solve here puzzles such as colors, alphabets, shapes etc. When children complete the puzzle they get a reward of several mini-games. In addition, it offers every day a preview puzzle game for free that assists them to enhance their analytical skills and spatial recognition.


Price: Free

HomeWork is a different app from others where kids do not learn with fun as they learn from other apps. But it is really helpful and aimed for those kids who want to schedule their homework or lessons. All you need to set a reminder here so that you can readily plan for your upcoming exams and you can make revision without making any delay. This app really assists you to manage more effectively your very precious time. It works perfectly on tablets and smartphones as well.


PlayKids is designed especially for kids to entertain them with the animated show’s puzzles and mini-games. It offers a huge number of amazing educational TV shows and cartoons for children of all age group. You need subscription here to get full access of all the best contents. You can simply download the games and animated shows if necessary. It is an ad-free app that can be downloaded on android without paying any charges.

Nursery Rhymes for Kids

This app is really exceptional for preschool aged kids and counted as the most interactive app among other apps. You get here more than 200 different rhymes and educational activities as well that has to complete by the kids. You find songs which are classified into 16 categories that contain foods, nursery rhymes, animals, alphabets and many more. It keeps a beautiful user interface that attracts and motivates kids to learn with fun.

Kids Brain Trainer

Kids Brain Trainer is a smart educational app for toddlers that contain around 144 types of games. This app is prepared to develop the cognitive skills of a child through these games. Moreover, it provides 4 fun packs that come along with some leveled and colorful themed games. Kids find here a lot of games such as match cards, odd one image, matching an image with its shadow and with its families.


The above mentioned all the apps have more than enough content to keep busy your kids with phone and let them learn a lot of new things. Youtube Kids is one of the most recommend learning app for kids.