Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Accessories You Should Buy


iPhone 7 is the most awaited device of the year 2016. The new iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 and it’s big brother iPhone 7+ comes with the latest operating system along with plenty of superb features, viz. a brand new user interface, lightening fast processor and improved quality of camera for clicking sharper images. In 2007 Apple released its first iPhone and from then iPhone became the most anticipated consumer product. Before the launch of these technological beauties, Apple launched a trailer video of iPhone 7 and 7+ , the video showcased the concept behind the phone. Well looking at the trailer one can easily guess that iPhone 7 is going to be full of breathtaking specs. , from 4k display to larger memory space.  But the reality was yet to be checked.

iPhone 7 launch

iPhone 7 and 7+ were launched in September and it was not less than a thriller for gadget lovers, but with a loose end. For those who were expecting a large change in features, it was a setback. The specification with which iPhone 7 was launched were more of the S variants of the phone which are not usually expected on a brand new-numbered model.

The Features

The camera can be considered one of the highest upgraded featured due to its low light capability and some more significant change in camera can be found in the iPhone 7 + model, which comes with an optical zoom to create DSLR-esque effects. The lost of headphone jack was a masterpiece from Apple, but was welcomed with mixed reviews. The water resistant feature was another new entrant in the specs. But the featured quality was low as compared to Samsung S7 which has a water resistance of 5m as compared to 1m of iPhone 7.  There are certain other features like bright colourful screen, increased battery life, the sophisticated black model which makes iPhone 7 a classical phone.

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The Price

The cost of iPhone 7 starts from $649 for 32 GB model. The 128 GB and 256 GB are available at $749 and $849 respectively in the USA. Iphone 7+ comes at $769 for 32 GB model; subsequently 128 GB and 256 GB models are priced at $869 and$969 respectively.

Iphone 7 Accessories

Accessories are always required to protect and pamper your device and fulfil your needs. A large number of them are available in the market and Apple too manufactures some of them for iPhones.

Iphone 7 case

iPhone 7 Cases

You need something iconic to protect your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 + without jeopardising its beauty. Apple has just worked according to your concern hence presenting phone cases with rich fibre carved lining, softly tanned with European leather.

Apple Lightening Dock


If you want to charge your iPhone 7 or 7+ and listen to 3.5mm headphone simultaneously you will need a dock. It’s a user-friendly accessory which can be kept at your desk, workplace or anywhere and can be used to watch a video. This gadget is available in variety of colours- silver, rose gold and obviously the new black.

Apple watch

Apple Smartwatch

The greatness of iPhone 7 is always a reach away; well the problem can be solved using your wrist, which means Apple watch. You can see notifications, manage applications and can control your accessories without reaching your bag or pocket. The series 2 watch comes with a GPS, upgraded battery and comes with a swim proof feature. So the next time if you’re heading for a workout this watch can be helpful.  Available in gold, silver, space grey on an aluminium body.

Screen cleaner kit

It consists of a small soft cloth and a natural non-toxic odourless spray, which can be used for cleaning your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ screens. To get rid of finger prints and smudges this kit will come more than handy.