Have you ever used infrared thermometers before? If not, then let me tell you that you don’t need any experience on how to operate it. Infrared thermometers are made for industrial uses and also for the professional’s reasons. They do come at a high price, but they are good at detecting the temperature of the skin, drill, machine, solid objects and even thick walls. They are very powerful and give you the accurate readings each time you use them and they even last longer than any other equipment.

Let’s look at the Top and long lasting Best Infrared Thermometer For Household & Professional use.

7 Best Infrared Thermometer For Household & Professional use

1. IR ST-380 Infrared Thermometer Gun

IR ST-380 Infrared Thermometer Gun
IR ST-380 Infrared Thermometer Gun

This model suits perfectly for the Household and the professional purposes. This model is durable and has light laser gun for pinpointing the exact spot of the temperature you want to read. IR ST-380 is a durable and robust. It has multi-functional infrared thermometer gun with a safe. The IR ST-380 delivers the readings within a matter of seconds, and you will have the accurate results. The model is powered by a battery.

2. Mastercool 52224-A-SP

Mastercool 52224-A-SP
Mastercool 52224-A-SP

Mastercool is a popular brand which has used by the professionals all over the world. Mastercool is a global brand and this time they have 52224-A-SP for the professionals, which can do multiple things. The model is very durable and it last long in the field. The design is decent, and it is highly portable and carryable as well. The built-in laser pointer is made so that you can point at the same spot to get the accurate results. You can use the innovative Mastercool 52224-A-SP to get the accurate results to make your work go smoother. The Mastercool 52224-A-SP is powered by AAA batteries, and you can work continuously for at least 15 hours of the period.

3. Etekcity Lasergrip 800

Etekcity Lasergrip 800
Etekcity Lasergrip 800 Infrared Gun

Lasergrip gun is known for getting the accurate results for the user and make the user experience easy and more innovative. The model comes with an ergonomic infrared thermometer along with the display which two different color variants to keep the user experience better. The build quality is durable, and it will work medium in a sense. The model has one year of warranty on it. The infrared thermometer has a laser pointer on it to get the accurate results. The design is FDA approved, but it does add much to it.

4. Nubee 8380H

Nubee 8380H
Nubee 8380H Infrared gun

The Nubee is currently standing on the top with an innovative user end experience. From the design to the features the thermometer temperature it has all of the sophisticated features which will not only help you finish your task quickly but also make your work go much smoother. The light model is very durable and has a gun pointer for better target laser shooting. It can read wide temperature and works well as it has a better display. FCC, RoHS, CE, and FDA are known for lasting for a longer period.

5. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080
Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Infrared gun

If you are an Engineer who travels a lot from one place to another on professional purposes, then you need an infrared thermometer temperature gun which is not only portable and also light weight so that you don’t have to make space for it in your back pack and also decrease the burden of the unit. The design is RoHS, CE, and FCC approved so that you can get the best durable unit for your professional needs, The gun has a laser pointer so that you can get the best target. Not only that you will also get decent display so that you will not have to struggle for looking at the readings. It has features like Data Hold, Laser Gun, Decent display, Low battery indicator, auto shut off and a better build quality that last longer.

6. Etekcity Lasergrip 774

Etekcity Lasergrip 774
Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Infrared gun

If you are looking for a prominent Infrared Thermometer with a gun pointer, then you should look at this innovative Lasergrip 774 model which has some of the best features which are favorable for professional needs. The system which is integrated gives you the best and possible or accurate results within light speed. You can adjust and use the laser pointer to point at the target temperature. The temperature is measured in Celsius and also in Fahrenheit. The build quality is decent and will last longer for the professional uses. The unit is approved by CE, FDA, and RoHS which assures that the product is decent. What you can expect from the unit is better to build quality which last longer, if you have to carry it all day in your backpack then you should get this because it is light and does not consume much space.

7. Black & Decker TLD100

Black Decker TLD100
Black Decker TLD100 Infrared Gun

Black Decker TLD100 is light weight unit which is carryable, and this is very helpful if you are an Engineer who has to travel all day and have to carry this unit in the list of types of equipment then it is suggested to get this for professional needs. The unit has many features from durability to the display.

If you look at the screen, which has more options on the screen, the clarity is pretty sharp. Coming to the grip which is innovative because of it, not consume much space in your hands, and you don’t have to stress out if you plan to hold it for minutes. The design is modern, and the quality is durable, so you will not feel competitive or plastic grip experience.

Black & Decker TLD100 has worked for longer than 15 hours, and it can calculate the temperature within a matter of seconds. The laser gun which is sharp in dark and sunny bright will assist you in getting the better target. A must buy equipment if you have a plan use it in everyday life.


Buying an Infrared temperature is not an easy task if you don’t know which is the latest in the market. Nowadays, almost every manufacturer is trying to add more features that can increase the value to your work. You can choose any one of the Infrared Temperature Gun mention above and let us tell which is good for you. If you have any suggestion for us then please tell us through comment section.